YGL gone again - No bueno w/ 2x week level ups


So allegedly the YGL missing was fixed but I haven’t had it in the past 2 level up events. @kalishane I thought the trigger was clearing the New Moon, which I’ve done 3 times with no YGL


Same here, after the fix it worked just fine like it should be but since 2 or 3 weeks it’s completely random again which means im screwed because i know how randomness works in this game.
This is a huge disappointment.


The missions should simply be ordered by cooldown time, so that any available missions are always listed first, followed by those with the lowest cooldown and/or coinable.

Perhaps also remove some of the lower level missions as more higher levels are unlocked by upgrading scavenger camps/completing the gold missions. This will make the list less cluttered with useless missions.

Preferably add some more useful missions at higher levels, such as missions for ascendance tokens, SR can, territory can, random 100K-1M food, 6* gear, random trainer crate with chance of Aden, 6* active trainer, Benedict, etc.

YGL should always be available to play again every 24 hours especially with all the level tournaments we now have.


I had no missions on my camps for 18 hours when this level up started, the only mission i could coin speed up was the 450tokens for 566 coins, no thanks …

havent had a YGL mission in 11 days now and i know peeps who got it 4 times in one event on solo last week.


@Clemo81 and @Veilwind what lvl are ur scav camps and Goldmissions?


16-8 across 4 camps. The gold were cleared, and ironically YGL came back to me an hour after my post.


all 20 and i think i completed all gold first time they come around, was 1 of the first to finish all in game objectives including scav missions if this helps