Ygl gave 0 points towards lvl up milestones

Just collected a ygl mission, got 0 points towards milestones when I was expecting about 100k. Contacted support and got this gem. Seriously is it too much to ask that support actually FIX problem in this game instead of just telling the players to bugger off? Maybe correct missing awards and points caused by bugs? Or is the goal to just get all the players to go play something else?


I understand that you didn’t receive points from the ‘You Got Lucky’ mission on Schley region.

Our team is aware of this and is currently working hard to resolve the issue. However, I’m afraid that I cannot provide a timeframe for a fix yet, but rest assured that we’ll be doing our best to get this addressed.

I will now be closing this ticket, but bear in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the issue is fixed. I humbly ask for your patience and understanding while we make improvements to the game.

In the meantime, please reach out if you have other questions or concerns.

Best regards,
Scopely Support Team"

Yeah you have to love the new we don’t give AF about the players attitude support gives off.

the messed up thing is they could give out like 5 million food, or 5 million wood, and while both of those are essentially worthless in the game economy. Scopely is still too tight in the tailpipe to even squeeze out 100 food.

And you might as well not even think about getting any real compensation. Which would cost them nothing, they could be all Oprah like and give out in game assets left and right and it wouldn’t make any meaningful difference in Game. But they are too tight for that.

But just to show you they care, think of this every time they tell you they humbly ask for your patience and understanding.


That’s how you know they really and truly mean it sincerely.

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Hubert is a bot and not a real person so how can you expect a company of bots to feel anything for humans

The level up Icon doesn’t load sometimes watch it and make sure it’s loaded this happens do to Server connection to device.This can take 5-10 minutes


yeah Slimer is telling truth cause had the same problem once since the level up didnt load and i finish the scavenger mission before it could load

i always level up a toon 1 lvl and see the lvl up score raise before i collect a ygl.

The fact that they have an automated form response ready is proof that the problem is big enough for them to have spent the time to prepare one in the first place.

I’ve noticed that too. I just did 2 ygi and only got 84k.

Guess i should be glad my ygl isn’t showing up…and I’d be pissed if this was my low level account and I needed that to get the test tubes. Squeezing out 100k is a bit more challenging at a level 30 account. I try and do bare minimum to stretch and save for events that milestones are needed.

Same thing happened with me. Opened mine 45 minutes after the start and got zip. Should’ve be worth 716k pts!!

I got the exact same bot response

@JB.Scopely has this been fixed as I had a ygl pop and will finish right before the end of this event. I’m going for a top spot so this will definitely effect the outcome

I’ve had this happen to me a couple times, was always the first time logging in after the level up tournament had started (doesn’t matter if it started an hour before or a day and a half before), and made the mistake of clicking on the waiting scavenger mission before the level up screen popped up. Nada. Never contacted support about it though because all they ever do is send a canned response and a middle finger.

Always make sure the level up screen has popped up or the level up icon is present on the left hand side of the screen prior to collecting. And/or test by leveling up a toon or two first, as was posted above.

Just to clarify the OP, this wasn’t at the start of the event. Like 2 hours after it started. And on my low lvl 2nd account where I’m not after the top prize but just needed the milestones.

One things I’ve noticed if you play multiple regions, sometimes the icons disappear when you switch and take a minute to come back. Doesn’t happen every time though it seems kind of random. So I can’t swear to it the icon was there but I do know I had leveled a couple toons on that region earlier in the day bc I had 5k points.

You do need to wait for the tournaments to fully load or points won’t be added. This is likely what occurred. I’ve done this myself on occasion logging in and not giving it a chance to update.

Live. And. Learn.

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