YGL Can you go to far?

With the recent changes in scav missions, I like most lost my ygl scav mission and rushed to do the gold missions.
Recently I did the generator X gold mission and my ygl disappeared and now instead of being constantly present in the scav list now fluctuates, with it not having shown up for me yet this level up, have I done to many gold missions? Is anyone else experiencing this?


Mines been gone for last 3 days. Oh well had it nearly daily for 2 weeks. Doesn’t bother me. I like knowing it’s not just a endless scavenger camp popping during lvl tournaments. Makes resource conserving matter

I’ve had it show up once in maybe three weeks. I used to get it 3-5 times during the course of a single lvl up. I don’t care about my placement in lvl ups anymore, but as someone who is done with the chore of farming gloves and shirts, my ability to progress characters is severely hampered. C’est la vie, I guess. Makes it easier to not care.

Yeh its still critical though especially in solo events and maxing last few levels on tier 4 6*.
I thought the point of the update was so that rng did not decide events, you can prep as much as you want but probability is that if the guy your facing has access to a ygl and you don’t your at a major disadvantage

Sure but too accessible and it’ll just get bought each time. I’m not saying it’s balanced vs camp lvl or mission availability. Should have same overall % chance of appearing regardless of the number of missions unlocked, including prestige as it is the most in demand mission (ie. Weighting of likelihood increases with total mission count).

Almost certainly, but that doesn’t seem to be the case prior to me completing this mission I had it in my list 24/7 and many in my faction still do, but doing this mission has changed it to rng,
my entire scav missions are on cool down there isn’t a single mission I can do for the next 4 hrs, and some are on cool down for another 5 days, I don’t see why it’s rng for some and not for others it’s an awful design and the entire reason scavs were reworked in the first place

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I get it all the time. Use it to level 3s toons to get 4s toons as most level up rewards suck.

I’d love a level up where it was disabled for everyone, it show the actual players and peepers, rather than the ones who have acsess to coind

I have this exact same issue. I’ll get it a couple days in a row and don’t see it again for almost a week then it randomly shows back up. I always keep hundreds of 2* in my training camps for level ups, but definitely still at a severe disadvantage without ygl… The goal of the update was supposedly to make it the same for everyone, but it’s still not