YGBSM - Ezekiel Stash


90 pulls to open all, most people would need 90 pulls.

350 coins per pull x 90 = 31,500 coins.

That is $400 worth of coin packs.

For a toon that was free!


A character that was free if you had a good enough team to get it.


I don’t recall there being any difficulty as long as a player was on top of farming the roadmap.


The only way you could have miss this character was 0 farming, any noob can and have him now


If you bought the big pull for him its roughly 28k in coins so about $350 US but still it took almost no extra effort to attain him during the event. So go load coins on VK and buy him im sure there are pleanty of cheats out there who already bought out that stash. Besides if you are already prestige 13 no one will know if you’re loading coins. Max 4th tier new prestige toons any one can have every single time one releases. Right?


Can i just say everybody, he isn’t the completion reward, so you could open up only 1 of them and possibly get him


You are correct but the odds are so heavily weighted against that happening everyone just assumes he will be the last pull because it is far safer to assume you have absolultely no chance at what you want when Scopely’s RNG is involved.


Good enough team to get him?? I got him on multiple regions without breaking a sweat…

The only event with more handholding than shiva force was the one for tripp


If you had 20k coins (60 pulls) do you think it would be a good idea to try for him? 2/3 ain’t bad right?
Except it ain’t 2/3 and we all know it (despite it not being published!)


Not just farming, also needed to level him. I was about a month into the game when the event started and I couldn’t get him. I farmed very hard yet still could not get him.


Ok good for you dude, you still needed a good team to get him. I couldn’t even finish all the roadmaps cause my team wasn’t good enough.


There was difficulty, I couldn’t get him, yet I farmed every chance I got.


From memory it took a fair bit of energy - more than a new account would have had.


The stash is probably more intended for the newer region whales that don’t have him. Eh.