Yet more maths for the Road Warrior Event

@How2Zombies started a great post on the maths behind the Road Warrior Map, but think they are a little off in their totals. It also didn’t account for the limiting factors of Batteries and Keys. I’ve done some maths below in terms of what is realistic for people not prepared to spend on the event/struggle to beat the roadmaps. Hope it helps.

(there is a TL;DR summary at the bottom if you don’t give a sh*t about numbers)

Firstly, the event is only 15 days long for drops and roadmaps, not 16 as How2Zombies suggested (final day is for collection turn in)

So, completing the maps gets you:

  • Cruisin’ - 3 Steering Wheels & 108 Tyres a day
  • Horse Power - 556 Tyres a day
  • Road Rage - 1099 Tyres a day
    So over 15 days, you can get 45 Steering Wheels and 26,445 Tyres from roadmaps.
    Complete all those, collect a Sandy or Bruce and you’d be left needing 4,325 Tyres to get a Sophia or Beta as well. Putting that in perspective, at 5 tyres per raid that is 60 raids per day for the whole event (although the raid tournaments might help that out).

But we aren’t just talking Tyres and Wheels. Batteries and Keys play a part.

So far, we have had 2 Level Ups and an SR. The milestones of these each gave 1 key and 1,182 batteries. Making some calendar assumptions, we have 15 (possibly 14 as the usual Solo SR timescales would run past the 14th Feb that week) events. Assuming the quantities won’t change - and you’d hope they might increase for CRW - that is a total of 15 keys and 17,730 batteries if you hit all milestones in 15 events.

Without spending, you are therefore short of being able to complete both maps per day as that would require 30 keys and 24,825 batteries.

So what are your options?

Assume you can beat Road Rage. The batteries and keys I have estimated would be enough to complete all 15 days of Road Rage. With Crusin’ as well you’d have 45 Steering Wheels and 18,105 Tyres - 2,465 short of Bruce or Sandy, but probably an obtainable amount from raiding (32 raids per day for 15 days at an average of 5 per day).

However, if you can’t beat it, and stick to Horse Power, you’re only getting 9,960 Tyres - a modest 240 Tyres away from obtaining Sophia or Beta, but 10,610 from a Bruce or Sandy.

Finally, you could spend - a modest 4 or 5 extra keys and 2,500 batteries would be enough to ensure you got Bruce or Sandy from Roadmaps alone.


  • If you want Bruce or Sandy without spending, hit enough milestones, don’t waste keys on Horse Power (unless you have spare), complete Road Rage and Crusin’ without fail and raid as much as you can each day.
  • If you can’t complete Road Rage and only do Horse Power and don’t spend, you won’t stand a realistic chance of getting Bruce or Sandy but Beta/Sophia should be obtainable if you complete all maps.
  • With a small spend and you can get Bruce/Sandy from Roadmaps alone provided you can beat Road Rage. To get two you’re likely to need to open that wallet wider.


im able to watch 50 vids per day for 150 coins and can get a second key from the battey box in shop for 150 coins

I’m finding myself short on batteries seeing as I can’t hit all milstones right off the bat to collect all.
My resources with the frequent lvl ups don’t allow me. I won’t even be able to claim eric (and I place top50 and top2 so far to try to make it). Just starting to think it won’t be possible (unless something changes)


Nice im not getting single video offer in week even in month , only install and play offers

For me it’s been almost a week without video offers (and I try at different times.)

The drop in raids for me is 3 a win 95% … 5 the other 5%.

that sucks i have never not been able to get my 50 vids aday when it says no offers available i just force close the app and load it again and there thay are

Wanted Free Decap Sandy so bad but gave up on her after some calculation , so getting Sophia and never ever available to use her in any game mode

Yeah, not great.

The starter pack was probably good value. 2,000 Tyres and 2,000 Batteries (which means 4,000 Tyres) should mean I don’t have to rely on raids outside of a raid event.

i got stuck on stage 2 of act 2 on road rage, is there any hope on getting sandy or bruce if i cant beat both acts of road rage without spending?

I would say it’s looking hard to get it if you can’t complete toad rage. I think you best hope is if crw has a lot of batteries and keys so you can do the easier one.

I had some coins saved from player levelups and leuagues. I bought enough keys with those free coins to do the 2 maps every day and I do them both except for the last stage of rage. That way I actually get a little bit more batteries out of it then just doing the rage one…

If I get all milestones I should do only about 300 raids to get either Bruce or sandy

Probably not, it’s 691 Tyres lost (assuming you mean you don’t beat Stage 2) which means you would be better running the Horse Power Map (1099 - 691 < 556).

If you have enough keys to run both maps every day (which would cost you - currently 150 coins in shop gets you one), you’d be a little under 4,500 Tyres short of Bruce/Sandy even if you never beat Act 2 Stage 2 and 3 of Road Rage which is probably a lot to get from Raids and/or War (if they drop).

As I mentioned, you’re limiting factor will be batteries. 24,825 Tyres from doing both maps every day all event, but I estimate less than 18,000 batteries will be in milestones (I may be wrong of course) so you’ll have a shortfall there.

I love maths

Did more maths but too lazy to post also the maths seems to really upset people, they really dont like maths i guess. All this is, is the facts of what is needed and what is what but some people have got even a little angry over the maths lol

The milestones/battery amount is the issue, esp for level up @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


Because some people want to believe that everything in the game is achievable if they are “dedicated” enough and grind the living hell out of it.

Truth is most “events” are set up to make it look like its doable for free but they know most will fall short of the mark so players can either accept not getting the prize or cave in and spend.

The following illustration is the entire game in a nutshell.


The beauty of the game is even when you occasionally get lucky and nab that carrot they just introduce a new toon, raise base stats, or introduce something else that makes you once again start reaching for another.


Lol stole that pic from ya and yes thats the game there!

We have some whales here saying grind and you can get it but we all know they wont and they will spend if they dont have bruce or sandy, so they have no idea what the grind actually requires

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It’s also worth saying timing of battery drops is pretty clutch.
If you cant get enough to finish a roadmap before it disappears, you’re SOL.

Those batteries are tourney and milestone dependent and only scopes knows if it’s an achievable target.

Also @Kanaima, raids are averaging less than 5tires… mine are mostly 3s and I saw someone post an average of 3.78 in another thread. Short of the 5 used in the maths.