Yet another which one do I ascend next thread. :)




I just obtained enough medals to ascend my next character.

This is my current main team:

Though I use this team for most things the question purports mostly to raiding and defending raids.

The plan was always to ascend Lori (Days Gone Bye) and this seems very popular with people. I’m wondering about a few others who are close to ascension level, though. Mirabelle is almost there and then I have Javier, Shiva, Yumiko, The Governor, Garrett and Gator.

I know Mirabelle and Yumiko’s stuns are more useful than Lori’s impair but she does also give attack and defense. Shiva seems useful too.

Please advise.



Shiva all the way, still a mainstay of my rainbow team

If you’re sticking with melee you want Shiva, Javier & Garrett (I assume its green Garrett)

If you want to build a ranged team, Mira, Gov then Lori & Yumi

Lori is ok, but i do prefer Mira for her lead skill and Gov just hits harder


Thanks. I’m fine with mixed melee and ranged. If I go with Shiva do I replace 5* Lori then?



Any 6* is better than a 5* these days, but i might be tempted to lose Abraham. Red Lori has neut which is usefull to keep.
Keep Yellow Lori as she benefits from Carls lead skill.


Yikes, lose my ever loving reviving Abraham? :frowning:

I knew I would eventually but I thought it would be when I filled all the other slots with 5*s.



Yep, time to give Abe some time off. You should ascend Shiva and replace yellow Lori with her. Then start gathering shovels quick and replace Abe with 5 star Maggie from the museum. Maggie will give you command as well as revive and be better protected by the leaders buff. Next, you can get Viktor from the Domination part 3 mission to replace red Lori so you keep the neutralize and focus you’re used to using. I know you don’t seem to have access to the best weapons but drop whatever your doing in the armory and craft Zeke a better weapon. Get 40 or better crit on something so he can start protecting the team.


…I really wouldn’t go for the Maggie from the museum. Glenn has exactly the same Command, but loses the revive in favor of a more generic AR. However, his 6* form is far superior to Maggie’s, on account of being one of the only Legendary Command toons and giving massive buffs to your team instead of the Taunt to two enemies. He’s a lot more useful in the long term.


Glenn is available in the depot and he can save up for that and upgarde when he has a team better suited for him. Having only enough ascendance medals to upgrade one it should be Shiva. I don’t think a 5 star Glenn is gonna be very helpful in the short term.


He is available in the depot, but this is a prime chance to get him for little fuss. He is precisely the definition of a long-term investment here, because his 5* form is useless for raiding while the Maggie is pretty good for it. He’s a lot more worthwhile in World Map stages and Survival Road where he’s essentially a second leader due to how long his buff lasts. But, regardless, I absolutely agree with you there – he won’t be that good in the present.

But, instead of having to ascend n number of 4*s or pray for him in the depot later when they realize they need a Command, OP will already have one. That simplifies life immensely. Glenn is just a great 6* for both attack and defense with his specialist skill, buffs and Confuse. 6* Maggie, on the other hand, is nigh-unusable on attack and… mediocre on defense. She’s like yellow Negan in the sense that you can just leave her last and whittle her down. Her ascended form is a lot less useful than Glenn, which makes her the better short-term investment and worse long-term one.


Thank you very much for taking the time to advise, everyone. It is most appreciated.

As for the characters you mention who I don’t have, at this point, I don’t think I’m going to reach enough shovels to get anybody! I’ve been on a lot each day but I’ve yet to come close to finishing any of the anniversary museum events. :frowning:

Still, I do know that Shiva will be ascended next. :slight_smile:



Who Should I Ascend to 6* Next?? :confused:


Ascend Mirabelle, followed by Shiva and Governor.

Mirabelle will allow you to graduate from the class of “why-the-hell-are-you-running-Carl-lead” and the other two are still relevant up against premium teams.


Hmm, are you just being the rebel? :slight_smile: If not, could you elaborate, please?


Lot of people come here complaining about difficulty of raids and timing out, and then you realise they are raiding with Carl as their attack team lead. You need a leader with a 40% attack boost otherwise you just can’t do enough damage against a lot of teams - especially as a new player (which I assume from the team you’re running) coming up against those with more levelled 6★

Mirabelle is a great lead still, rush can be life saving and stun recover is really useful against a 5 stun gun red team.

Governor has neutralise, but is better than Lori imo because of his hard hitting rush which impairs anyone left for two turns.

Shiva is still very relevant. Rushes quickly and hard, confusing two (useful for disrupting a revive). Stun active skill can stop a shield round 2.


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