Yet another survival road tournament bug (video)


So after yesterday’s hilarious fail of a tournament launch they announced it had been fixed ( haven’t compensated those affected by the bug in any way ) and today there’s yet another bug

Not to worry though as they’ve launched faction assault, maybe stop adding new content until you can get old content to work?

@CombatDevIl @Dash @kalishane


The scopely way.

Make scopely great again.



@Dash @kalishane @CombatDevIl care to answer and address the bugs or are you all too busy patting each other on the back for another unsuccessful week?


@kalishane @Dash @CombatDevIl

Is there anyone in the office with more competence I can address ?


looks like another verification issue, I’ve forwarded your video to our server chat already.


Man this shit is tiring

I got caught with the verification bug yesterday causing a 2 hour head start by people, refilled my way to 10th and now slipped to 15th because others aren’t affected

Of course no one affected will be compensated either


Same thing happened to me, but in middle of the play. I think it is territories related cause they tend to crash farming and raids for me too.


We know they don’t care at all, Lmao…


Fix for that should be up now.