Yet another new 6*

Yet another new 6*, but no old 5* made ascendable…

…thanks Scopely for listning to your players and deliver on your promises in a timely fashion.


Don’t worry. It will be “soon”


“Soon” in scopelish means “4th full moon after pancake festival”.


I suspect Kalishane is hoping for next region war, Green Glenn 5* will be first place, with him added to ascension

If that happens, I’ll probably retire because OMFG where are some medals :smiley:


we need some ascendance medals before we talk about 5* ascendable toons :smiley:

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It’s the new meta everyone…stop complaining.

New Meta = You pay to play…lol

Actually it’s not funny. It’s exactly what they mean by new meta…and its boring and sad.


So it is actually same meta that began mid 2017, we are on right track.


There is zero profit in it to release previous toons for ascending. They only see dollar signs and that fastest way to get dollars. They know the whales will spend and max credit cards and steal food from their children to get that new toon.

This is being driven by CRWs, as the top factions from each region can’t lose as they think they are great and can’t have their only life accomplishment stepped on by losing a CRW.

The top faction in barrow lost a CRW and managed to destroy the only faction that could give them a run in wars to get the biggest spenders into their faction. It is sad.


don’t worry Stike is on, no more cash to scopely from most of players in my region until “Albert 'S promises” are made. Anyway, Twd will be fucked off by new odd rule in next 10 months.
good luck I already start my new game.

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Pretty sure Shane alluded to the release of a legacy 5* tomorrow.

I’m hopeful for the Governor, but it could be Glenn. Pretty sure it’s not Gator.

do you believe Shane’s promise?
Hand clapping and good luck


If they wanted profit they would reduce prices by 90% and make stuff available to bigger part of community. What is the point having regions size 100k+ players if 500-1000 play, <50 pay for it? Like this, it is making this game one of the most expensive game to play per buyer. Same is with toons, they are allowing paywall and minority to have “some stuff” extra. Problem is “some stuff” isn’t just that but a game changer most of the time, but good thing is community got smarter (most got at least) and less and less people are hooking up on it.

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Hopefully they will be released soon, that glenn looks really good.

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