Yet another michonne roadmap bug

Yup, another one…This one may be minor compared to most others, but figured I’d post it anyway. In Act 3, Wave 3 of the 2 hour roadmaps, it seems there are 3 or 4 different groups of walkers you may encounter. 2 of the group’s include impair walkers. It seems every time I get a certain one of those impair groups, the toon at the bottom left corner of my team immediately gets impaired as soon as the wave begins.

Screenshot below shows the group i am talking about, and without any attacks yet made, Earl is impaired. (Doesn’t matter which toon is there btw. Had it happen to several) there are no special walkers in wave 2, so he wasn’t impaired there.

I have video if needed, but it won’t let me post it here.

impaired cause u looked at me bug

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