Yet another free offer for a select few?



I would say it old but there a gold radio


Did you complete the candle and cake collection? It may be trying to help you, but I could have sworn I got one of these.


Yeah this is the one they gave out when the gold radios first landed right?


Its the OG free gift, good job trying to desinform people


Not disinformation if It’s just popped up for them. If you look closely they have the 115 token offer which is new today


This offer existed before.


This offer may have been out before but my low lvl account just got it again after the tournies ended


dont pass up that great offer for pear earrings


really just leave if your gonna lie to make them look bad everyone got it


He obv went to a backup region and screenshotted this to start sht


Wrong yet again… I was on this account yesterday and this offer wasn’t available but today it appears. As you can see in the title I added a question mark because I thought this was weird also.
Thanks for the input tho.


I’m more focused on the pear earrings lmao


Ya… lol… I don’t spend on that account… low lvl 23


I have too and I already collected the original one


after I collected for a second time I got another one


Ive got it on one of my mini regions. Not a lie


so I was able to keep claiming and I ended up getting a free pull…


I haven’t been able to keep claiming lol. Im going through my minis though


I don’t even have offers in my other regions apparently