Yet another "bug" - Can Scopely do anything right?

So now the qualifying is likely to be postponed because factions arent making it to their destination in once piece…

Seriously scopely every single thing you do is garbage…nothing works properly and I honestly cannot remember the last time ANYTHING went without a hitch. Why don’t you check the damn coding (i presume its coding I have absolutely no knowledge into that kinda thing) before it goes live? I have played countless games and have never seen so many damn failures. The only thing you are good and consistent at is f*cking up.

People are spending their cash and even more importantly their time on your games - stop being so disrespectful of this fact and only release things when its ready and it works. This goes for everything you half ass. Toons, events, roadmaps… sort it out. lazy b*stards.


Let me get this right… You say you have absolutely no idea about coding and then you tell them to sort their coding out. I’m sure it’s not easy making sure stuff runs on every type of device there is. And nothing goes off without a hitch if that were the case you wouldn’t still be here playing a game.


go away.


“If you can half ass it and still hit your objectives, then half ass it”
Call it laziness, or efficiency. Ass you like


Fake rage

Sinned stop defending them it’s not big or clever :joy::joy::joy::joy:


First of all I could care less if it is clever or big. It’s how I feel and that’s what I say.

I When people say that nothing ever works correctly or everything they do is wrong they are embellishing to fit the narrative of fake rage. If the game is so bad and so broken that they feel the need to come to the forums and post it why would they keep playing? I’ll say like I said in another post , If it were a place in the real world you didn’t like you wouldn’t keep going back. If it was a restaurant to continue to get your order wrong you wouldn’t come back.

terrshits restarting bug has been in the game the day they added it fucks with everything so yes they cant fix the code what so ever. If they could most things would be fixed you would think…


Let me rephrase part of that. I know the forms are for airing grievances. It’s when you embellish and say things like everything this and absolutely that makes my ears perk up.

If the game worked properly then there wouldn’t be any of these threads
And no one cares what you think when you jump on their threads blowing the scopely trumpet


Nobody said things weren’t broken… What I said is everything is not broken

I suppose a good question to ask would be what isnt broken?


new thing that is raid scores per raid

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Oh my bad, I thought the forms were for everybody’s opinion. Somebody share their opinion and somebody debates that’s how things usually work. Just like your opinion…

Well according to your opinion everyone else is wrong


I don’t know about heart surgery, but I’d still be right to be critical of a heart surgeon who botched up the job he’s trained and paid to do


Actually what I am saying is not everything is wrong. The game is not unplayable. According to the title and the original post somebody knew wanted to check out the game would come and think that the game will not work at all. That is not the case

19 pts for smashing S class pete 2 s class prays red man boobs and dale…

Touché. At the same time even got to meet a D in medical school is still called Dr.…

What parts of the game actually work properly Apart from the premier wheels

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