Yesterdays problems becomes today's headache

Last week or even 2 weeks ago, i casually dropped mention that Level up during midweek (or sunday/mondays level up i should say) had been extended to almost 3 days with no other event pushed along side it.

I said, by removing 1 of the level ups you basically remove the league token points from that week for players to progress further in the game.

Whilst that being said, Raids was taken off the Table, which also added a small but helpful amount of league token points which in turn can buy gears for characters.

What we got was onslaught, a very bad event in terms of rewards and milestones (albeit the missions for s-class items) but what this creates is a stagnant gameplay progression system.

if you were to start from scratch on building up an s-class toon how much league token points do you think you will need?

this is already taken that 2 x 6* Maxed out toons were used up to create the s-class character

186,000 gps/canteen
180,000 - tier 4 (mag badolier etc)
144,000 - tier 3 (weapon tripod etc)
98,000 - tier 3 (radio,mil watch)

We are already at 608,000 without including the other more easily attainable gear from roadmaps etc

This is the problem, it causes a pause in game progression, yes we can coin refresh league store BUT we cant opt in for more league tokens, these have to be earned but with events showing less and less of these, the push to carry on gets heavier for the players.

Speaking of which, the S-class Priya velvet cake collection … Thanks but as my post provided and for many other players, the chance to tier 3 let alone tier 4 is proving to be a hard push ESPECIALLY as theres not much in terms of events happening right now, no rank rewards, no milestones to gain more gear etc etc … this broken record bit is even doing my head in now


Finally Drop a normal Roadmap for these gears to be farmed … Hand crank radios, military Watches, GPS Canteens. Its getting embarrassing its still to this day not a thing.

Events … maybe add some with actual milestones that you know help progress the game futher for players of all ilk. ftp, whales, super whale and massive POS whales lol

Scrap events that dont add progression to the game OR at least incorporate a system within that event that actually gives tokens, milestones, gears


Onslaught is the best event for rewards by far everyone needs the S-Class collection items


Don’t forget the torches, less events mean less opportunities to get touches to get S class collectable items to get… zzzzzz


so what it sound like is that u need
bags of random gear for 99usd

gear bags in its way

only from the missions tab that was recently added BUT after a while and getting s-class toons, you need the gear to progress.

the point is, rather than 40 hits in FO you finally get a 20 league token points add milestones into the event (not missions) for league points at the very least.

This will also PUSH those players in a faction who dont bother with onslaught and let the active players in a faction get “THEIR” rewards for them

Also it would help if they put gear back in milestones and rewards for war

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Look at this LU… Bottom milestone prize up to 1,750,000 are useless. They could easily be replaced by gear

Spot on, I know Scopes try and sell everything, but at this point if you can’t improve through lack of gear why play🤷🏼‍♂️


The average player will have the 6* version of the S-Class toon so most players will still need the collection items

about 1800 off her S class just need level up 2nd toon.

I am 6000 of S-Class laopo one 8000 of raulito

I’m not denying the missions usefulness nor saying it shouldnt remain, its a great way to earn 600 (?) s-class items and i would still partake in reaching those mission parameters with my faction mates but the point is, the game is gearing up s-class toons and by gearing up i mean a dumpster truck amount of gears being needed … to obtain gears you need league tokens, and with that you need events. if you are going to bring onslaught there should be normal ways to get league tokens via milestones etc

it doesnt work by having 1 level up last 3 days and longer, forcing another level up out that week with no other way to gain tokens or gear

The main problem is progression levels …

whats my headache today is yours tomorrow …

your todays headache is what you want sorting out first and foremost ,… and mine also

i see it all the time on here but im always for scopely to keep it all in mind moving forward.

When i preached this a week or 2 ago it wasnt because i was out of gear, i forseen that if it continues down this path, it will lead to more and more players confronting the same issue.

There needs to be a simple procedure put in place where every week you are able to “milestone” or rank reward a certain amount of tokens or gears. or even more better a farmable roadmap for such things, its waaaaay overdue

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im the same too, i got 5000 left for Laopo and 4000 left for raulito.

then i can work on hengyen, arrav and Guo to which i only need 8k

Got Pete and Priya maxed, picking up Laopo s class today but absolutely no gear left, 1.2mil league tokens gone and that’s it, Laopo is warming the bench and will be for a while☹️

IMO, gear is overrated.

Fight me you bots.

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They also reduced the amount of arenas for everyone to 5 from 7. That was another handy way to get league tokens.

As usual though our concerns and feedback on this issue (Fewer events and fewer league tokens) has been ignored by Scopely.

Maybe PC can push this discussion point on the agenda :pray:t3: @Parker @Brucey @LadyGeek


I think gear is brought up every day in PC.


Then do it 3 times a day for us :wink:

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Not a pause, a slowdown.

Imagine it didn’t take any gear at all, then there would be five months of nothing happening at all while you are grinding like a madman for collectibles. This way you can grind for gear and collectibles at the same time, and get some improvement/progress throughout.

This isnt just about gear though. Its about them reducing the tourneys each week. Which in turn handicaps our ability to get gear from league store.