Yes, V.I.N is Recruiting


V.I.N is still recruiting members. If you want to be a part of this highly active and top group, we would love to have you. Activity is more important than “Whale” status. All three factions are Diamond in Leagues and are leading their respective leagues as well

We are still growing and look forward to you potentially being a part of it so reach out to me via PM on here or Line under ID bane909


Now do we have to stay for the whole presentation or can I just start my vacation now? I’m not signing up, just here for the free stuff as advertised


I missed the free stuff ad. This isn’t a time share pitch lol


Let’s see here, what’re the entry level requirements? Can’t be too exorbitant, I hope…


I read the fine print, said activity is more important then whale status, it didn’t say how much more important though, I want percentages


What does V.I.N stand for?




75% active 25% coin usage. However u get those coins from straight cash homie or that Tapjoy ass

(The above is for fun and in no way is a requirement. Everyone is judge on a case by case basis)


Truly a fun group of players. This is a perfect opportunity for a small group of friends that are looking to fight at the highest level and join a group of #1s.


This the same group as The Gov?


Yes it is…


What region?


Sorry, I just don’t follow much outside of my own region.


I believe infamous and notorious are in troup, vandetta in wilkinson


Which faction is recruiting and how many people?


We place based on skill.




All are recruiting and we need a handful i would say


Mainly F2P but active European player good enough?


Actually it’s true. I seen major whale factions who couldn’t sniff these whales.

These whales are just wiser, smarter, faster, I think it’s time y’all salty people get over it.