Yellow zek Question to whoever can answer?

I am in a new region and in every cross region war we always face a region where every player has this six star toon. Will my region every get the chance to have this toon? I heard he was a free giveaway when six star first came out. I feel this is a disadvantage to my region to always face this region with all these yellow zek. Thanks I will upload photo of him. @kalishane


I think you guys missed the train. Sorry

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Apparently he can be pulled… look at the lucky pull thread. If your in a newer region that came out after 6* released (ie: cullen or jack thomas or whatever it is) then ur outa luck im certain.

Sorry… keep surviving. :slight_smile:

He was going to be added to 5* wheel when Shiva/Carl were going to be removed. AFAIK, all those moves were cancelled. I’d love to get more than 1 Zeke, but I don’t believe you can (the one mystery is the Prestige wheel which has alot of hidden chars, he may be hiding there).

The other Shiva Force chars are in the 5* wheel if you are patient enough to watch it sequence, they are at the very end.

Remember you can only generate 2 shields per round so if the 1st one crits even if the 2nd one did too it would not add 2 more shields.

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Hidden 5 stars in prestige wheel?
All I ever get is the same 2 or 3 busted ass 4 stars…my account must be cursed

Totally sucks. New regions should be given an opportunity to catch up. Big disadvantage in CRW imo. His 4 star was handed out for free if I recall. Sorry I am hazy on the details from the event and what was required to get him to a 5 star.

As we all are. lol

Got 4 Carly’s in a row from ascension. Talk about a kick in the nuts. I know I can use them as fodder but still what are the odds. Rng is a bitch.

I have 2 yellow Ezekiels in beta and you are right each one can only generate 2 shields per round so with 2 yellow Ezekiels you can generate 4 shields per round if both have a critical hit.

No, he meant you can only generate 2 shields per round regardless of how many Guardian characters there are on your team.

You can have 5 Guardian Ezekiels landing critical hits, but you’ll still only get 2 Guardian shields in total from those 5 critical hits.


That’s not true

Guardian 1 can only give 1 per round even if u have 2 or them. Guardian 2 can give only 2 per round. U can not add them and get 3 or 4. Maz of 2 per round with a guardian 2 toon.

Show us a vid of 4 shields in one rnd plz… from 2 6* zekes… id like to see this

From the combat reference guide put together by the devs:

So NO, you cannot have four Guardian shields applied to a team in one turn. The maximum is TWO.


Lots of premier chars are hidden there Toon from Prestige Token that isn't in the wheel

I’m pretty sure there were serious protests about putting Zeke into the 5* wheel. I don’t think he’s in there, but he’s probably in the prestige wheel. I realise that doesn’t help you much knowing the odds of pulling him, but it’s still a distinct possibility.

You’re best off just learning to counter him and waiting for the meta to evolve. Shiva is an excellent counter to Zeke. Stun active skill, and that awesome AR?


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He was oringially added to the 5* token wheel as a possible pull but I believe that there was mass feedback that Carl and Shiva should remain in the wheel so he was taken out in their place.

He is easily one of my favorite :fast: legends.

Just tested it, that is weak AF and wording on skill is wrong in game, what happens with other characters shouldn’t matter, it says it applies 2 so that’s what it should do.

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Fair but to be honest he goes down fairly easy.