Yellow shiva claws

I was told by the Scopely help desk that I need to address this issue/concern on the forums which doesn’t seem like the most efficacious means of problem solving, but here goes.

There are only two metas that I can work out to beat the current ridiculous defenses. 1. Focus, debuff, decap combo. 2. Bleed, lacerator, burn combo. My choice is the 2nd. I use Rick and Shiva together to bleed and lacerate, HOWEVER the claws are no longer working. Like, they aren’t working at all. They are supposed to have “better chance to cause 400 bleed when attacking” and that’s what she did about 50%-60% of the time from the day she was released until a couple of weeks ago.

Now I’m hitting a shield for 5 straight turns and not causing bleed once. No bleed resist mods on opponent. I can’t lacerate with Rick if Shiva doesn’t cause bleed. It’s making my lineup utterly useless.

Scopely, did you modify the weapon and change the percentages? I am like 97.2% confident that you did and I’m livid because now I cannot attack melee because they all have two shields and two revives, etc.

PS, I don’t have any mods on her that might conflict with her weapon, such as burn or bleed on attack, etc. See pic…


Better chance is 35%. Not procing it 5 times in a row is very possible.


yhiva (yellow shiva) works as intended. i been using mine to shred lydia revive heavy setups for a while now.

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Mine is DEFINITELY not working as intended. I’ve had her ascended and maxed since the day she was released. It’s completely different over the past two weeks.

Sounds like a silent nerf


Well that’s great. Literslly just pulled her from RTS tokens. Still my best $8 ever spent but regardless…

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i also had mine since her initial promo and havent noticed any difference. i also use her with rick and as a pair they absolutely shred mfs although i do think rick does more of the legwork per se lol. sorry to hear yours isnt working.


It’s called rng and it happens sometimes where it works the majority of the time.

Then there are instances where it never procs.

It’s just how this game goes.

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I haven’t had mine that long but the bleed on her claws rarely procs for me.

What mods do you have on Rick? Because Shiva’s claws cause bleed, or are supposed to, I find her to be the most useful because she also lacerates. I figure she is more useful, also Rick does hit SO hard

the only regret i have is rick being geared for atk with his atk stat being lead. his rush doesnt factor in atk at all. its all static damage meaning it will do the same whether he had 1atk or 9999atk. i forgo all atk and overwrote his weapon. i also have a second rick made in the same way pretty much. my shiva was modded long before i picked up rick and had no bearing on getting him. i needed her stout so i went hp set. i did have graze there before but i like the extra bleed regardless of her paw proccing or not.

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So putting a good bleed mod on Shiva is worth it in your opinion? Give ya double chances at some kind of bleed to lacerate…

I like it, esp considering how bad my claws have been.

Thanks for the SS

yeah. when she hits its either gonna be an extra 144 or 544 bleed; depending on your proc and bleed mod of course lol.

Mod and weapon can’t hit on same turn, though. I mean, not from same attacking toon

I put my bleed mods on the other characters. That way Shiva can lacerate their bleed damage. Even if her weapon doesn’t proc, I can reliably get 550 bleed and 225 burn damage per turn. (I only have 2 bleed mods so far, with another 2 I could potentially get 1000+ bleed.)

they do.

this was first hit right out the gate showing shiva bleed mod and her bleed trait proccing together.

O.O I will look more closely… This goes against what I’ve always seen…

For instance, if you put a burn mod on her, you couldn’t burn and bleed (from claws) on same turn, right? Is this an exception because it’s both bleed?

you can burn and bleed from the same card. i usually do that to my retribution cards so they give off a lot of threat like mackenzie. you gonna kill them or let them go. love the double edged tactics.

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