Yellow Sawyer - 6* Decap

PLEASE make him 6* Scopely :pray:
He can be even weaker than Wayland


why do you ask for this i try to understand but there is no way

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Lol no way.

Nope this is not even possible

Why? Because you dont have him or what?

Watch him be made ascendable and lose the decap like Sandy


Why you want him to be ascendable? Because you have him or what?

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Yes exactly. I dont have G2 rick and I didnt say “No way” when They made him 6*

I can always ask :slightly_smiling_face:

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What do you mean you don’t understand why he is asking or are you saying it isn’t going to happen

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he will be get Outlast

Hm to bad they will made after Maggie and harsh .strong and red legacy chr so next yalllow 5 need at lest 7 month

And I doubt there was anyone that asked for him to be ascendable until they made him ascendable.


I’d want him, already have a stun disarm so why not a stun decap. Put maim and heal reduction in his Ar. Make it happen scopes!!

Maybe he can be first character to get Parting Shot II :thinking:

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outlast ii - when this players rushes during outlast, he iinstantly kills all the enemies, in this and next raid.

and people will still complain.

I’d love for a 6 star Sawyer … coolest toon in game

i somehow got 3 of him.

From those events and shit.

He used to be Top Notch. And now is just random vintage
“thrash” ahaha

This is why they should have ascended so many more Toons.
Because of the power creep, it was better to give u
plenty of new toons early on that are average.
But instead they just choke everything and try to
get the biggest dollar for the least amount of stuff.

This game is really not good at being lucrative.
What a joke.

Outlast 1 was actually better :joy:.

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