Yellow Romanov Berserker thread



Good morning forum folks, hoping your morning is turning out as awesome as mine, woke up to double 30 tokens and pulled this bad boy

Now im faced with the choice of how to build him…go full glass cannon or make him a berserking tank… so everyone please show me your romanov build (weapon and mods, and mention which leader)

Im deffo going with the carl leader since he is my best melee lead, so im kinda leaning towards the “tanking him out” option… i figure he will get insane amounts of attack whatever u do…

Also, im wondering if theres anyone who replaced his unique taunt with absolute defense, and if so, why?

Looking forward to see some romanov ideas.


pretty basic. I chose to use defense and health mods as the attack is strong enough so far.


I don’t have him, but I would keep the taunting ability just to proc berserker and deals more damage


Yea im deffo keeping the taunt too. Just wondering if anyone replaced it.


I just pulled Romanov too, the thing that I’m wondering about him on his weapon is wither to go AP while defending or not? Just because he’s so taunt heavy with his active skill too, AP on def could get him to rush faster than with AP on attack?

Any thoughts?


Ap atk is a more consistent and quicker way to use ARs on offense and even defense usually. Ap defense only works either as a lead skill, or if the toon you put it on is the most direct threat and needs to be targeted early on.
Even then ap atk ensures they will pop by round 2-3 usually keeping the pressure on.


I agree. And with Romanov’s berserker specialist, most people will not attack him until they can rush on him. Not worth risking boosting his attack. So in that sense AP while defending might be wasted.

I just got Romanov too. Looking to work on him


I pulled him awhile ago. I made him into a full glass cannon, his weapon being huge AP to attack and more attack. His mods are anti-stun, bonus attack on greens, more attack basic stat, defense while stun, and more HP; all having the attack set bonus. If I had the mod, I would go with defense against green.

I have him on my attack team with a SR zeke leader, this allows Romy go off in the 3rd round.

Drawbacks is that he gets stunned very frequently since greens love to attack him. SR zeke keeps him alive with his heal and def buff. It’s also a hidden blessing though, since he’s almost like a shield and leaves my other party members alive.

Great things is that he’s awesome against the typical ranged teams that everyone runs, he’s a great Magna/Sid/Hunter killer. His active is great if you get in trouble and you need to delay the defence’s AR from going off.

On defense, I wouldn’t run him since that would be suicide.