Yellow mittens for musem collection

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone can let me know whether the yellow mittens that are used to collect one of 3 shivas at the moment could be used at a later stage? I’m not quite going to get the 3000 required for yellow shiva as I can’t afford to spend anything. And I have no offers going at the moment to complete for extra coins.

I currently have 3 normal shivas and I’m only using 1 if them. I already have a winter shiva and not a fan. So I’m kinda stuck with 2000 yellow mittens.

However, I don’t want them to just go to waste. @JB.Scopely @CombatMan @CombatDevIl
Can you tell me whether these are being converted or if they’ll be used again later?

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Back to the museum? :confused:

Assume with museum collections the items will never be used again. Be happy if one day Scopely is lazy and uses them again (it’s happened a few times but on items easily given out, not ones you had to pay to get)

Typically museum collection items do not get converted into anything, they just slip into nothingness unless Scopely uses that item again which they will never tell you.

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I’d collect what u can to use for level up points if you can’t get the rest needed for yellow shiva

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Cheers guys.

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