Yellow Michoone ice pick abs


Okay. Now how does yellow michoone behind a range lead with a fixed abs have 100x better defense than Konrad? And he’s behind ranger defense with 35% defense weapon 33 % hp and abs??



I dunno, Konrad’s abs look better to me.


Would actually need a bit more info on the problem. Is AD the problem (you are bringing it up?) or is it defence. 100x more, really? that means Michonne has 82,000 Defence? Post screenshots etc.


Michonne’s bulge tho…


Right now the only one who deals decent damage against Michonne are toons like Shiva but not everyone owns one.

Mira Tyreese Dwight who were all nearby F2P are just destroying toons like Konrad nvm which weapon and which lead.

And there is no good Lead toon right now for Green Toons in the Attack so Michonne can live longer.


Its annoying when Michonne behind Carl can survive 2-3 rounds , when Konrad usually can’t survive one :frowning: