Yellow Governor 100% AP at start?

I am not sure of this is a big or as intended. The weapon he Carrie says gains AP beginning of each wave and nothing about 100% AP.

Is this working as per normal of a glitch in which first round they get full AP without even being attacked?


It’s normal, why not?

his weapon gains 100% AP at the start then his rush gives him 100% Ap allowing him to rush every turn


Hes fking broken


I created a topic on him when he was first released.

The second screenshot that shows all of a characters stats has less room, and often the weapon effect descriptions are cut short.
As @Oldman pointed out, his weapon does indeed grant 100% ap on turn 1. Then his rush grants 100% ap for turn 2


Saw this yesterday (first time I actually faced a team with him on it). Easily killed him though.

Yep, Charlie easily takes care of him, just taunt him with ap drain mod.

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he is basically beaten by an AP down mod :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Most people seem to put stun resist on him. If he doesn’t have impair resist then just use a neutralise toon. Renders him useless.
Edit. Charlie is also useful in this situation. But he is normally taking care of a shield/Doc/Raven :joy:

You speak as if gov is shit
But you put him on a atk team
And he can do some cool shit
Litteraly you can kill Mia and not Impair her then rush with gov when she’s outlast state and she won’t do shit
Note I don’t think that’s meant to happen though but hey

That’s how he works, so comments above are silly lol so to stop his ar going of you control him right til you take out Rick or Zachary while doc stevens loads Every1 up lol

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Hes not shit but it all depends on wat level ur roster is on. Hes amber food t2 on def but good on atk ig

The fact that he gets 100% every round isn’t bad. Though that rush isn’t the best.

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That gov is mediocre

So the wording on the weapon when looking at the character is not correct it seems like. No one I know of has seen him so guess don’t have the other side of the story.

Good thing scopee is all over correcting mistakes and making sure the game makes sense.

It’s not incorrect; it’s consistent with how weapons are displayed in various views. The exact amounts aren’t shown unless you go to the weapons tab.

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