Yellow flags in inventory

I see yellow flags in inventory, that means there will be new dual spec yellow toon.
Of course out of my reach and most ftp too but what toon it will be? What do you guys think?

Edit: noticed also green flags

Been there for a few months now

Really? I have this after update yesterday :joy:

Yellow I’m expecting a neutralize + confound combo and call it disable
Green I’m expecting overheal + vitality combo and call it med kit …

Or not

Overheal+vitality could be very annoying :scream:

Been there for a few months, dual specs didn’t bring the revenue they expected, so they probably scrapped that idea.

Keep expecting things that arent coming an see how long you will be waiting. They killed dual specialists already.

Needs to be a dual specialist s class or I would see absolutly no reason to pull. 6 star era is very much over. Even elle on promo now is just like why. Obviously her lifespan is coming to an end very shortly

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