Yellow Earl Sutton

Legit question…

What practical application does this toon have other than a half assed drop lead or ascension fodder?

Maybe SR?

Gear roadmaps?

That -50 def for 3 turns might as well be a self destruct button, even with abs def weapon it’s pretty sketchy using him.

Does anyone actually use him?

I plan to use him on a gimmick team. That 250% damage can really let him hurt. Gonna run yellow Rick lead, Earl, Vincent, Dr. Stevens and someone else. I just want to do it for lols though. Other than that he is a good drop lead and good for those yellow survival road levels on account of being a peacekeeper.

SR for zombie teams.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll use him for lvl up points and throw him in some SR stages but I can’t really see him being a more serviceable toon past that.

The 250 buff is nice and I guess he could be revived lol

His AR is handy for SR yellow teams. Or put him in a territory with reflect damage weapon

Could be useful in SR, especially if Guardian Zeke shields him. Consequently I’m in the process of leveling him up.

He would be a good drop character for farming walker stages. I actually don’t have a drop lead that also has a +crit lead so I would use him.

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