Yellow Beta - def or att team?


Hey, can’t find much on Beta on forum (as the word is commonly used for beta tests) so looking for opinion - is he a good fit for defense team? I was thinking to pair him with yellow Javi and some blues to make fast kill defence and use huge AP on damage from leader skill. Appreciate comments.


Doesn’t matter unless they fix his ar to work as it should


I use him on my yellow attack team. Neutralize is invaluable.


I can’t use him on def with koa, he starts making my team lower its shield . offense he’s the most fun part of raiding


He’s best on offense, especially with the rush reset. Use either rtp rick or blue carl, u can also use hik with 5* leads like samurai jesus and limited edition negan for the VL bonus to ap, either way all your rushes get charged turn 2.


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