Yellow Beta AR needs to be fixed



Yellow (fast) Beta ar gives 100% bonus up to one team mate, unfortunately it is set to always target the team member who has ap closest to full already.
Please change this to work optimally and target the team member that gains the most ar.


This kind of mechanic has always worked as you described, i like it this way.


It made sense to work this way when it only gave a percentage of ap so that it was most likely to result in a fully charged rush, in this case it is giving 100% ap so would make much more sense to give to character with the most to gain.


Then get every1 to max ap. Use whoevers AR u want to reset, then use beta’s. Problem solved.
Dont know y u wouldnt be doing this way anyways.


A problem is solved when something works correctly not when there is a way to work around it.
This is just an observation that this ar has been programmed for minimal value instead of maximum. If a character who healed one team mate always targeted the team member closest to full health would you consider that fixed simply cause you could choose to wait until your whole team was near death?
It is clearly wrong and would be an easy fix.


This AR has been programmed the same way as the other ap gain ARs. Y would they change how an ability works just for one character? if you dont want some1 to be targeted with the ap gain, then max their ap.


I’m in two minds about this suggestion. I’ve been playing around with Beta teams for the past two weeks.

Definitely get what you’re saying - maximum AP efficiency would lean towards targeting the toon with the least AP.

But then again, if I have an attack team with Blue mich and say blue Garrett and he has slightly less AP than Mich, I’d prefer Mich receiving the bonus AP (situation depending) so she pops (albeit she was close anyways).

It would be awesome if you could choose :sweat_smile:


it’s just like decap sandy’s AR.

she will kill the first toon then hit the weakest one regardless if they have a guardian shield up. programmer forbid it to hit the trait she has an advantage over and with or without a guardian shield.

many of times have I been duped by this.


I understand your point but it is obviously flawed, when they program ar that gives maximum health to one character it targets the lowest,this should be the same.


Would love to get some sort of reply from a scopely representative.
Not keep on surviving.


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