Yellow Beta AR is bugged!

So I have yellow beta with AR maxed , and sometimes it work normal sometimes he doesn’t give any AP to any team mate ,
PS : I am sure all my toons weren’t impaired .
I even have a video of this bug and I check it 464553 times even though I was sure , and yes yellow beta AR is bugged . sometimes he doesn’t give any AP

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can you post the video?

I presume it’s giving the AP to a teammate with an already full AP bar. Similar bugs have been reported with Michelle

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Yes there’s a thread in the bugs section. It’s quite annoying. That ap bug happens almost every update.

I dont know how to upload a video in the forum , is that even possible. Cause I’ve never seen a video here before.

upload it on youtube and share the link to the video here

Only three things we can be certain of. Death, taxes, and that every update will bring along bug’s that were “fixed” previously. :smirk:

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