Yellow 6 Star Governor help

Hi, Of all the pulls that could have been, I have ended up getting the 6 star governor twice (Yellow). I don’t know if I’m lucky or unluck tbh because I don’t find his kit particularly useful. He’s tanky but he just sits there spamming Slow and provides very less use otherwise. Seems like his only job is to slow down Zac’s AR.

I find him to be useless but I just wanted to know from the community if I’m wrong and maybe I’m just using him wrong. Kindly help me understand where he would fit best and if he is useful level up at all?


Why did you pull for him then?


I got him from the free pull u get a day from Survivor club

You pulled him twice with the free pull?

Yup this was the last time he was out. Not this time.

1 is nice to have he can be annoying as he’ll, not sure you can really use 2.

He/she can use the 2nd one in a nice tower team. :ok_hand:t3:

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I have not figured out how to use him effectively yet. I had him in my attack team for almost 4 solid days of raiding with plenty of canning. He was awful. If you figure it out, please post it on the forums.

Lol true

In Def or Attack?

So far he’s proven to be utter useless in Def.

He is great on taunt teams, or if you use a lot of other control type abilities. Make sure you are using him last each turn for best effectiveness. Nuetralize and shield are the biggest hurdles to using him, but if you have Cole and Charlie you can taunt 3 enemies the first round and then gov can usually keep the whole group from rushing until they are dead. It’s not perfect of course, but once you get used to using him he is very powerful, but definitely not gonna work if you want to just auto attack.

Also he’s been pretty badass so far on some of these op roadmaps they keep throwing at us.

Offence - No
Defence - Yes

Interesting. I don’t think I have a lot of Taunt characters but I guess I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

on defense he just weighs the team down, so he is pretty mush useless.

on offense he is a sure win if u dont mind taking a long time to win. but since he takes too long, i dont use him.

I don’t have him so I don’t know but on paper he looks like he stops ar’s from going of every round so if you use him last on your round the other team can’t use there rushes on you.
Paired with Michelle lead, Charlie, decap sandy, and red or yellow shield you should control and beat most teams 3-4 rounds. I’d make his attack high because it won’t fill ar’s and he is behind a shield plus your only using his ar if done right, a few bleed mods and one fire in the team. If I had him but I could be wrong.

My findings from him from a month or so ago.

He is not good on attack. At all. And is certainly not a sure win.

No attack because his ar should fire every round. Defense and hp on the weapon and no ap gain either.

His AR doesn’t fire every round. In a perfect world it would but it doesn’t. And if his AR isn’t going off, he may as well be a 4 star as he doesn’t do anything else.

He starts of with full rush because of his weapon then behind a shield he can’t be hit his rush then fills his ar each round this only works in an attack team and you’d use Charlie to taunt any shield the other team has if any. Only bide would stop this working.

Haven’t used him so I have to go with your analysis.