Yeeesss! Finally got Heng Yen! But


giphy cry


The gear shortage is just straight up freaking stupid! :angry: @GR.Scopely


Congrats! (For getting a new s class)

Sorry for the gear shortage though if we didn’t have to max out two 6*s before getting the S we’d be a lot better off


And thats why Im keeping mine at 6s max. At least I can claim red velvet collection when it comes

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True but i needed him for war

I got one of each maxed 6s. Have 1.5k cakes, thats 3.3k items towards an SClass. In the meantime I stock on gear (right now yellows for either Aarav or Hengyen), and use other traits (red, green, blue) to get level up milestones. It is a bit of a pain, but it has worked out well so far. The only issue I had was gear for blues because I leveled a lot of them in a week.

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Yeah it is difficult need 1 more gps and I will have S-Class laopo tier 4

Yup its insane. Havent even finished hengyen yet and have arrav knocking on the door for gear now. Literally need 120 knife sheaths for the both of them still. That’s crap

They said they would double it which would of been 12 but instead they timed it by 5


There’s really not much that makes sense at the moment.

I got him too, a couple of weeks back… I just need 8 more knife sheaths and he’ll be tier 3… But the struggle is real!
I just maxed up Pete, yesterday, but I still need gear for him, for the rings… :expressionless:
P.S: Hengyen is a beast, by the way!!! :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


His Sclass version is significantly better than his 6 star even discounting stats.
Quick piece of advice that I’m sure you’d figure out quickly anyway. If facing a shield with annoying 3rd slot, don’t use your AS until turn 2, then you’ll have full Ap without having to hit the shield.


Happy for you! I’m on leg one of Aarav! Going for second now! Then Hengyen! Priya and Raul pillaged all the gear I had! #struggleisreal


Lol the worse s class ever congrats

Best post i have seen in a long time @How2Zombies. Made me laugh. Thanks.

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:rofl: Apex still without them medals

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Not if you know how to use him :wink:

Lol sure

Dont feed the troll lol

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I’m about to get my sclass Heny too… couple days reckon… Been hoarding gear crates to help.

I went Heny as went all out in few lvl ups so choice made for me. So figured go for one can get… I see him being useful for me… plus I sense a change in the red meta to blue.

Got a maxed Pete… and a 6*Laopo and Arrav that got through min effort