Yearly Themes/Events


If there was no theme for Halloween, will there be a theme for Thanksgiving? For Christmas?? I sure hope so, because events like those are always fun and a great place to get more characters, gear, etc. So, just wanted to know if there was anything in the works for those holidays.


there will be collection events for it


Events are what keep this game alive. I hope they have something in store for us, getting bored…


come and get your zombie shiva


Or Bikini Rosita for next summer.


or a turkey rick or another santa negan


Wendygate again for Christmas


Pretty sure there were events for all those holidays but if you weren’t around for them every single one was 90% pay 2 play and sucked.



No, I’m saying in the future. Nothing has happened yet that’s Halloween-themed, but yeah, I do not want another p2p event, as I can’t make any progress in an event like that. Less spending=more enjoying for me!


For me too but not for the big S so they don’t like that at all. :wink:


I hope not another 6 p2p christmas super op characters.


only one was op


I want a bikini rosita! Would match well with miraboobs


Expect a Christmas premiere event, prize a new overdesigned toon that looks like a totally impractical explosion in a decoration factory (seriously, tinsel just gives walkers something extra to grab hold of. Said toon will be available through a pay only collection involving cut and paste Christmas themed museum collectibles. Said toon will have a rush that gives a huge crit bonus and multi-turn camouflage as well as AOE damage called “Deck the Ghouls…”. You will wonder why they didn’t just make OG green Michonne ascendable as she does pretty much the same thing…


Sounds like something Scopely would do, sadly enough. Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a small f2p event with a few rewards for beggars like me. And a huge event for huge spenders!


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