Year Four Anniversary Event

Agreed 100% ironandwine, anniversary events should be enjoyable for everyone and give freebies daily smh

Game is as boring as fuck, really not sure why peeps below Whales play it anymore, absolutely no fun at all :frowning:

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For the sake of friends and lazy as fvck to start a game from scratch.


Why don’t yall unpin this crap too this anniversary event is complete trash. It’s actually embarrassing for the company.


At that point, everything they make is embarrassing to the whole world

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Sentiment attachment for me, as I’ve mentioned before. But the thread currently keeping me tied here is fast unraveling…

Me, playing this game:


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely where is the recurring roadmap?

When does the cake roadmap end? there was no clarification on this and the reset/restart on the map is missing this morning.

please could we have more information on this, thanks and sorry if its been addressed already

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It will run for 30 days

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