Year Four Anniversary Event

Greetings Survivors,

We are happy to announce that this week we will be launching a new event to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of Road to Survival!

Event Overview

For the duration of the anniversary event, players will earn three types of new collectible items: Anniversary Balloons (Red, Orange & Blue). Anniversary Balloons can be redeemed for Anniversary Tokens in the Museum, which themselves can be exchanged in the Anniversary Stash for items and energy.

Anniversary Balloons can be acquired through the following events:

  • Milestone Rewards during Tournaments (Level Up, Raid, Survival Road and War)
  • Roadmap Rewards

Upon completion of the Anniversary Stash, players will be rewarded NEW Sergio! In addition, once the Anniversary Stash is completed a Bonus Stash will become available with a completion reward for an upcoming event.

Event Timeline

  • Event Start:
    • August 8th, 2019 Thu, 5 pm PDT
  • Event End:
    • September 5th, Thu, 2019 5 pm PDT
  • Collections & Stash End:
    • September 8th, Sun, 2019 5 pm PDT

Note: Survivors Club members will have access to a new recurring Roadmap where they can earn additional Anniversary Tokens. Claim Confetti Cakes in the Shop to unlock this exclusive Roadmap. Also, the number of Anniversary Balloons received from tournament milestone rewards will not be impacted by the Tournament of Champions milestone reward buff.


Oh yeah anniversary time


Awesome. A new f2p toon. Thanks. Let’s hope he’s good.


That sergio guy better be good to redeem yourself a little, but overhaul looks like a cool event


Scopely has had many chances, and SO MANY people will retire after the region lock ends. For the love of everything, and for the sake of everyone, I hope SO badly that they got atleast one thing right in this event. Dont have high hopes though.


Doesn’t seem like a damage toon. Let’s see if they butcher him.


I’m glad those balloons aren’t based off the placement in tournaments

Since he’s a support toon attack buff or def down would be really great, but there is a 0,1% probability to see that happen

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I’ll give anyone a sticker pack on line if you can correctly guess what their mistake will be this week.


Yea I’m hoping he’s a diego type for the f2p to combat those reds. But most likely he will be another defensive toon.


Releasing a broken event full of bugs?

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Lol we all know thats gonna happen, i need a specific mistake that they’re gonna do.

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Is there gonna be any .99 cent offers this year?


Does this mean that players and regions still in ToC will be earning more collectibles for a fair bit of the anniversary event? Seeing as level up, raid and SR milestones are included?

Cheap offers that give huge amounts of collectibles for certain players then scopely will ignore the issue :rofl::rofl:

I smell disappointment.


Screw your toon & your game. This player from 2015 is halfway out the damn door.



How much pain split will he have? Also how much will this cost ?


He’s going to have the duel special skill of parting shot mixed with outlast