Year End Voting of 2019

Well, its almost here. 2020.

So, in appreciation of 2019 and all its drama with Scopely.
I have decided to brighten everybody’s day with some interesting voting. Enjoy.

Your best moment in The Walking Dead: Road of Survival in 2019 was:

  • Canceling your Survival Club Membership after a Week/Month
  • Exploiting the Rewards and Cashing In
  • Laughing at Pay to Win Events
  • CRT + ALT + DEL the Game
  • Quit the Game

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The only reason you visit the forum is:

  • Laughs at Memes About Scopely
  • Watching Spenders Cries
  • Waiting for the Scopely’s Team to Respond
  • Hoping for a Bug/Crash on the Forum
  • Waiting for a Refund

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In 2020, the following with happens:

  • S Class will evolve to Platinum Class
  • Scopely’s Employees will be apart of the game
  • Bugs and Glitches will continue on as it never was an issue
  • Shards will replace Toons Pulls
  • Another company will buyout Scopely

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In 2020, Scopely will:

  • Compensate all the Players for Jonesgate
  • Add maps for 6* gears
  • Listen to the Players Council
  • Quietly Shutdown the Players Council
  • Reduce the pricing
  • Add more Pay to Play events
  • Abandon the Game before the end of the year

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Happy Holidays, Scopely.

Thanks for the wonderful experiences. Looking toward 2020 for more outlandish ideas and payment. :smiley:


Watch the blinks, morse code time


Thats what we get for playing for 4 years.

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It’s all about perspective


Adding more players from same factions to the players council is missing as vote




Scopley so trash I honestly am shocked that people still spend on this game

Do I get a “I voted” badge?


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