Year 3 Tokens, good or bad?



Was this event good or bad? Would love to hear your guys opinion…

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Other than the offers, pretty good


Free ascendables = good


Easy 2 pulls for everyone. Great event. And if u p2w dont complain you dont need this event anyways


My personal experience with this wheel was very low quality, I’ve obtained pretty crap toons like Red Andrea, Zeke, Red Jesus and 2 Green Alphas…


Its 50/50 really.
The idea of it the toons in it and likely everyone will get at least a pull if not a few is the good side

Pretty sure ive pulled 3 so far with my 4th coming soon as they ever stop screwing up reward distribution.

The other hand the plague of dupes and the worst of the wheel is of course the dupes and mostly terrible offers are easily the bad side of the 50.


My only dupe in the entire wheel was Zeke, and my first pull was un-ascended Zeke, and my second pull was one of the most useless toons in the wheel… Red Andrea

As for my alt region, I bought that 99 cent offer and got 6 star Aris, and 5 star Alpha and Red Jesus
A.K.A all crap toons

I did a 4th pull on this alt and got a dupe, Green Alpha

So the point is basically these toons are all crap and my roster has not benefitted from this event AT ALL


I got green Anna and Red Andrea. I think I will be able to get enough tokens for the 3rd pull.


I vote no because i pull only dupes.


Anna’s pretty good from what I hear, would happily give both my toons for her.


ive pulled 3 govs straight soooo, i personally dont like it


I don’t have Gov, would gladly take him


Melee decap just raised in value with Lydia on he field.


It was better than lucky tokens ( I got two 5* star abes ) this time I got 3 new characters. But there’s still f2p characters in it tho


Red Andrea is decent, definitely not even close to the most useless on the wheel imo. Confuse to 3, 40% bonus HP to 2, focus active skill for human shield teams, hold the line makes her very annoying to deal with if you leave her to last, and she’s capable of holding a stun gun (if you are fortunate enough to have one). I wouldn’t be so down on her.


I just can’t see it, that 85 AP is a huge turn off…


i got 2 from lucky tokens right before so, it makes it even worse


Please explain you defenition of ‘‘Crap Toons’’. So Sorry you didn’t pulled only Erikas, Michonnes or Magnas


I didn’t expect that…


Ya i dont get the hatred for her.

I put her firmly above the zeke connor and gov also but not as much as the first 2.

Hold the line alone makes you assess or reassess what your doing on an attack in an even match nm someone who can also throw some extra hp on herself and another.

I wouldnt be as happy as an erika or magna but i wouldnt be upset if she was my 4th pull.