Yeah...why bother at this point?

I did get 5* tokens and did a single pull and got Tyreese, so I’m happy, would love Pam but doubt i will get her and not grinding, im taking it a break while these events are going, only getting the milestones that give me energy cans

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Out of a stroke of luck Scopely has given pitty on my soul, and gifted me a acendable denise.


They need to stop this rng crap its getting to far now since its being introduced into toons now like Sergio having a 20% chance at doing 1000% damage like seriously also his active is same way. im tired of busting my ass for a chance at a toon or whatever they have rng based you can have someone busy there ass and get 100 of whatever collectable and then you have someone who isn’t and then pull the highest amount of them its just bull esp the odds are always horrendous idk how they can get away with it


Agreed Romanov and Serg proved your point👍

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What about the prior season league crate?

I used like 30 refills and only got the Chihuahuas…

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escalate this to the team @GR.Scopely

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This event is awful but pathways wasn’t and fingers crossed that typhoon won’t be. It’s unfortunate scopely wasted a milestone event to generate goodwill but as all things it will pass

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Prestige Pull

5* Recruit Pull
Not very happy with all these outdated characters.


@GR.Scopely any update on adding more Plush collections. This event is turning out to be just as bad as the sombrero collection. Clearly feedback is NOT being taken into account as that event was heavily criticized.

I have zero motivation to even go for rank rewards. I am simply stopping at last milestone. That’s a poor way to runtournaments and encourage competition.


maybe using certain techniques will add the extra motivation needed to change.

Loss Aversion: a timed collection where if actions arent done, the user loses
Ikea effect: If a user has spent a lot of time building something, they are more likely to work to keep it
Games of Progression: Skill, Luck, Grind, Pay… im hoping they choose grind & pay to fix

They techniques sound familiar but…im …not …sure …where.

Either way… the timer is running out and it’s their ball to drop. shame it looks like they’re instead of listening they’re trying more of the same of new content… that’s going so well.


Had the same issue as this season where it crashes you when you go to claim it. This season was fixed in a day or so by making it 1 league token. They told me to be patient and they’d work on getting the bug fixed for the prior season but then after I asked a while later they said it’s been too long. It’s just bs customer service or lack thereof.

I am feeling the same way. I levelled Romanov to tier 4 hoping he would be useful when he got ascension. He sits as a maxed 5* because his 6* isn’t even worth the waste of items to ascend.

Why in the world would I want a second one???

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I’ve been here like only 14 times this month. I’m pretty much done with the game I’m just finishing out the season.

I kinda want to stick around and see all hell breaks lose once they rings come into play.

The game is crap now and has been for quite some time and everyone who agrees with that has the right to voice that opinion.

Also, do all of us a favor and stop telling people what to say, think, and do as if what you say matters to anyone. I know I could care less so do me and most likely the rest of us all a favor and stop engaging us with your inane white-knighting. Thanks.

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