Yeah...why bother at this point?

This is prime example of what this game has become…this pretty well sums up my summer tokens to this point. What’s the point in grinding for a toon that I already have? And isn’t really that good to begin with. The more this continues, the more I wish they’d fix this game because I don’t really want to quit, but this is why I have NO MOTIVATION to do anything anymore. Multiple events, multiple pulls, and they’ve all looked about like this. 5* tokens for outdated toons that I have multiple of most, chihuahuas for a duplicate toon…multiple events in a row that have the same RNG crap odds, the same outdated toons…the only thing you can count on anymore, is it consistently getting worse before it gets better…



26 of september


Completely agree. There needs to be more collections for these chihuahuas. @GR.Scopely was supposed to bring it to the team. Hopefully they come through otherwise this event will be a big fail.


I’m up to date on it all, they’re just making it REALLY hard to hold out for that long. Between all of this, no luck with new toons when I was still pulling, it’s just a bit beyond frustrating after playing for so long.


There should be other plush collections, but the least we can expect is some trash outdated toon for like 50k chihuahua plushes

I’d take anything that I can make useful somehow at this point as long as it’s not another duplicate. I got luck with Mia on a 10x, before that I got amber back around March…nothing since that wasn’t my 3rd/4th one of.

Pam is the only good one really and the chance of getting her are horrible im sure


Scopely should place more f2p toons in the pass to exchange with chihuahua, many of us still want a f2p we can’t get in the past.
@GR.Scopely pls take it to the team

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Same as most…the good old 0.5% chance. Lol…smh…

What makes you think it is ever going to get better?



Somehow I got her but I struck out in the beach balls event.

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I feel exactly the same way. But, you’re assuming they want to motivate you…I think they want players to quit.

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Same I have been logging on less thengame is so pointless rn


I don’t know that it will, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see it change for the better.

We all would love to see that but if anyone thinks when the 30-60 days is up things are going to turn around is in complete denial.

This is it. They have no intention or desire to change. Either stay f2p and remain irrelevant or pony up the cash if you want to win.


I don’t for a second think that this 30-60 day thing will turn the game around. I’m just hoping that they show some effort that they actually want to keep some of the people they’re driving away with each event, myself included…if so, I’ll stick around and see how it goes, but it’s really starting to become a struggle. Lol

Time will tell, and we shall see what happens.:man_shrugging:t3:

so give them to the 26 of september or quit now but you are just still here with negative posts of what they will not do but why not wait to see what they do in the time line that was given if it is nothing then i and many others are gone from here but i think maybe you will still be here just being grumpy and that is ok

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After 4 years of playing I’m bored beyond bored this event is terrible


The 5star wheel is suppose to refresh in Sept. I’m just keeping mine till then hoping they’ll be better toons

They still never communicated to me about the prior SEASON league crate. They’re not going go change.