Yeah this is exactly what we all wanted

This is what the community wanted this entire time. We just didn’t know it.


Or… buy 4 Triple A rating games on christmas sales for the same fucking price


Time to go buy that new xbox…


In the uk we get an even better deal, £99.99 which works out to $135 kinda unfair not to consider there is an exchange rate and different countires get charged different prices.

Minimum wage in uk (reality is most people earn this)

18-20 = £5.60 an hour
21+ = £7.00 an hour

Average work day 8 hours that means 18-20 year olds need to work 2.2 days and those over 21 need to work 1.8 days to buy these pixels #worth-it


minimum wage in brazil its about R$920-980. The price for this sh* its 303R$ everyone gonna buy, for sure haaaa definitely worth



For all the people threatening to go buy some console games… bye! What’s stopping you? Suddenly a good offer is dropped in the game and we still have people complaining! We get it you can buy 24.5 console games blah blah blah. I’m a f2p and it’s clear to me that this is the best offer to ever be had in this game. If you are a heavy spender you’d know this is a great deal so apparently the offer doesn’t apply to you anyway so why it matters to you is beyond me.


It’s not that it’s a useless offer, it’s that it shouldn’t be being sold at all, let alone for a stupidly high price. It goes against what 6* were supposed to be (earned, not bought) and it’s unsettling to see them selling it.

It’s like seeing someone trying to sell a kidney. Not sure what the exact reasons are, but pretty sure they shouldn’t be doing it.


Not only does it perpetuate a lie but where does a fellow f2p get $100 to buy this offer?


From a cookie jar, college money

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Compared to pulling - which is a crazy undertaking at best - this isn’t the worst I’ve seen from the game.

£100 for pixels. Well, depends on what you think the value is to you…

So we’ve gone from “6* will never be on the wheel” to “6* are now on the wheel” to “come on guys just give us a hundo” This is absolute, shameless, fire sale desperation on Scopely’s part.

The playerbase has been unintentionally haggling the price of a 6* downward by not pulling (well, by drastically reducing their pulls, smh at all y’all in the Erika pull thread) and this is their response. It’s actually pretty worrying. In a few weeks they’ll probably be reduced to this

Maaan, I got these 6* maan


Smacks of desperation for sure, if it was a half decent Toon the whales would lap it up. :money_mouth_face:


Scopely must be desperate af. Their revenue is dropping daily.


Go ahead and check my prestige 10 account, lol… I clearly stated I was free to play so it didn’t matter to me but could still see that the offer wasn’t bad at a monetary standing.

I’d agree completely that it should not be sold! But, to say it’s a bad price when people have probably spent double, maybe triple trying to get him before with no luck, is wrong.

Before you had to either spend like crazy or get crazy lucky or once in a blue moon you could buy a 5* crate that has 2/4 in the crate being a good character… for +200$. A lot of people didn’t mind spending it because at the end of the day it was a guaranteed 5* which granted high level-up points if nothing else. Now a 6* is sold for 100$(Half price of a 5* crate) and it’s a high price? It’s an insanely good price which is why it’s so unsettling.

These 6* should never be sold outright, because like you said, they were supposed to be earned not bought and I agree to that end completely, it’s just the simple fact that people are calling this price high when it’s actually insanely low given prior experiences.


That is not nice, it is like saying whoever is spending heavy cash on this game is mental. So spending 100$s should be graded on level of mental, let us be precise.

Post was fine, I liked it.

It is a terrible price but everyone has been conned into thinking what ‘value’ represents. By making everything else so unreasonable this looks like good value but it really isn’t. £100 for one toon in a game with a history of making characters obsolete and where there isn’t the leveling up gear! I wouldn’t spend that on this game even if I shat money daily.


I think you’re missing the point. The triple A games comparison shows how many hours of entertainment you get off the respective things you buy with that money. Rts is very low on the cash/hours ratio.