Yeah sure Sr is being nerfed

I may bet it is rn impossible for average player to pass all the 10 stages yeah being nerfed my ass, they either just used that as a placebo or it reverted back with the previous update thought we won’t notice

I hate the fact that in silver survival sr hard 5 5 stars cant take down their own rarity.

Plus I hate the fact that 5 stars become useless if not nerfed or used right.


Even with s class them damn zombies ■■■■■■■ eat my team like a zombie brain buffet.


I reached a level when started meeting teams with 3 payback negan that do crazy damage and have buffed up stats 5900 atk 5300 Def 5900 hp had to redo that stage more than 5 times and took half an hour to finish it

Some zombies stages I have to use my whole 5* cuz 6* dies so easily

Zombies got that damn reflect damage. Imagine having 5 zombies left and having a medic attack only on manual and the toon that gets revive attacks and dies again from reflect damage.

Are you talking about regular SR? If so, just use 2*, 3*, trainers, etc on anything walker related. Who cares if they die, you get unlimited chances anyways and it saves your progress unless you flee.

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This actually makes Negan a shit load easier. Like the Wayland in the current Yellow Leaf Legendary gear maps, he’s so strong you can rush over and over without fear of payback


Crit weapons and crit leads, people.

Almost none of the walker stages pose any problem at all; they were the easy part of nightmare road. You can beat most of them using 4* toons and lower, without losing a toon.

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Stun, Absolute def, Bonus hp toons, Guard II toons can help. Human shield don’t do shit unless it’s guns or blunt force melees. A zombie can get through a human shield person like the effect exists just to be useless.
Kamikaze zombies? Take them out fast or you’ll be using back to back 5* and 6* pill tablets.

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Dropping the 100% critical resistance on some walkers down to 70 or less went a long way in making SR walkers easy. I faced 5 taunt walkers on 1 stage in SR 446 yesterday and beat it without losing anyone.

I am enjoying the increased difficulty because it lets me test my team building and roster. It shows me where I am weakest(green high damage output toons) so I can work on finding toons to compliment the different stages. In reality I have 1 red, blue and yellow team that does most of my work quite well.

A lot of it is being smart and building up ARs when they are down to 1 toon left so you can save the ARs for the next stage or wave. Also bonus HP toons are a godsend. If I have bonus HP toons, I typically toy with the defense when it’s down to 1 or 2 to build up my bonus HP so when I face 5 toons they barely dent me. Also on stages with 2 waves of walkers then humans, I clear out all but 6-10 walkers on the second wave l with trainers or low level toons. Then I put my main attack team in who I will use to face the 3rd wave humans. I building up my ARs on the handful of walkers left and then am ready to rush against the humans. There are a lot of tips and tricks to make it easier.


After this last Sr tournament, the difficulty seems to be higher on daily Sr. On level 345 walkers can 1 hit an sclass and take it down.

If mod removal was free all the time, this would go a long way in helping. That’s also a lot of work just to do Sr.


Again, on daily SR just take 2*, 3*, trainers, etc. until all walkers are cleared. Then you can take your raid team vs humans. No need to mess with mods and stuff.

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A particular favorite is Kelly or Lopez with 4 Bennies, or Basils etc. You can often auto stages with this combo (+ slayer 1 weapons), because the trainers don’t rush. If it doesn’t quite work, you can just use a medpack on Kelly/Lopez, you’re not going to need the 4* medpacks for anything else. replace the trainers, and run it again. Quick and easy.

I have said it before, and I will say it again - Kelly the Bleed Queen, is the most relevant 4 star toon in the S Class era, she is more useful than 90% of my 5 star roster.


This isn’t entirely true any longer. The taunt walkers can keep your crit team from targeting what you need to target. There are decap walkers who will now get close as well as the flame/bomb walker that can cause you some serious trouble if not handled at the proper time.

Then, you can get reflect at just the wrong time…

Mind you, I managed to finish 5th on my server in the hard SR event, so I was able to complete it, but I have a pretty “deep toolbox” and it wasn’t exactly a cake walk.

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Exactly, that’s why I say things like “usually” and “almost none”. There are a few walker stages that can be challenging, and you pointed out the exact ones that caused me to hedge. Flame/bomb walkers, taunt and other crit resist walkers, and a small number more. (I lost one toon to bleed walkers just from not paying attention and mindlessly tapping away… but that’s probably purely on me) They’re still very beatable[1], especially if you are willing to build a custom team for the stage. Or (particularly in daily SR where it doesn’t matter) play it in more than one attempt using cheap teams.

And yes, it wasn’t easy (a bit easier than Daily SR I would say, but at the end not by much), and having a deep roster is very helpful. I think that’s a good thing, because it gives generally useless toons a chance to shine and maybe even save the day. What’s the point of building a deep roster and grinding for toons if you’ll never use them?

I don’t think reflect is a huge problem on hard SR, because the damage tends to be low enough that it barely hurts. Huge pain on easy SR though.

[1] probably not relevant to you, but for anyone struggling, here’s a few tips:

  • flaming/explosive:
    • clear walkers around the exploder first if you can, esp. in front, as the flaming damage is a huge problem
    • kill the flamers first
    • neutralize gov has clear burn
    • the exploders deal a lot of damage, but are stopped by guardian shields - if you can put one up, might be better to let them get close, rather than dealing with the burn
    • as flamers getting too close is the biggest issue, camouflage is very good
  • generic crit restisters:
    • take a guardian 2 and try to leave some regular walkers around so you can refresh the shield
    • Camouflage is very good, as it gives you extra time to land the crit through the resist. Double Camo Michonne can probably just auto if you set them up not to rush in the same turn
    • revive-killing is always an option: have them walk over your dead toons, then revive them for an insta-kill. Doesn’t work with the decap walkers though.
  • taunters
    • clear the area around yourself first and build up G2 shields
    • Camo again
    • stun on attack is really good
    • focus is good /kate)
    • multiple taunters can still be a problem, and you might need a bit of good rng to come out with everyone alive

I too felt that the difficulty increased suddenly over the last few days. It’s still beatable, but the change was noticeable.


It’s the melee only stages with obstacles that shield flame and bomb walkers until they are on top of you that really nark me off. Fair play if melee stages with flame and bomb didn’t have obstacles or if obstacles were only for ranged. But with it being melee only, there is literally nothing you can do to stop them putting 900+ burn for 3 turns on 2 or more of your toons.


Thanks, but I’m just gonna do a few each day so I can drop levels.