Yeah or nay loss counter vote

  • Give us our loss counter back!
  • Glad its gone.
  • Don’t care either way.

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The people who’re glad it’s gone are the people with 4000+ losses


One thread per topic

Yay or nay?

  • Yay
  • Nay

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i was happy this was there. i liked the fact that i had less than 500 losses. this game is really going to the snowflakes. between no one being able to have losses, to the word filter… whats next? a safe space chat?


They’re going to extend the raid timer to an hour


I think it was a waste of time dedicating even a minute towards it when there are a million other issues but whatever. It really isn’t a determining factor when recruiting in my opinion.

who uses rep to recruit?

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Next up they will remove war loses so there is no butthurt feels on that as well

Why hide the vote for 7 days by then the thread will be buried and no one will remember to check and see the results.

It’s not like it will be accurate if they put it back up.

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it makes sense why they took losses away but i prefer to see losses on my record.

The win and loss ratio is how i knew who was who when people name changed.

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I wanted a defender counter…thatll never happen

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Some people need this just to know they can not win anyways!

Honestly the raid lose is whatever but the chat filter is fukn stupid.

I wanted something like a draw counter.Not take loss away ohwell

I at least would like to see my own losses. I’d also love the defender counter and the info on regular roads to be like duels. More stats more fun…

What the hell are they doing to this game?

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Those who voted by they don’t care r just depressed

Come on guys get voting

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