Yea or Nay to the new split war format


As a community how do we feel about the new split war format? Are we for it (yea) or against it (nay)?

  • Yea. We like the new format.
  • Nay. We do not like the new format.

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Feel free to leave Scopely feedback as to why you like or dislike the change. Thank you.

@JB.Scopely You can share the voting results with the team.

Another split war... Really

Im all for the split if they give good rewards for each half.


The idea of having two separate wars is just stupid, unless the rewards aren’t crap in each one.


Leave weekend wars alone, the split was a pain in the ass. Have one or two blitz wars on the weeks we don’t have a weekend war.


Horrible idea. Putting that solo level between just takes away the excitement of having a war weekend.


I had a hard time warring in pt 2 of crw. I woke up @4am to war & it took forever to hit 50k. Pt 1 was a breeze so based on that they need to bring back the original way for regular war friday thru sunday.


And it makes 3 solo level ups in one week. Scopely give the level up’s a rest. No one likes them and you don’t provide enough gear to sustain this many per week.


I think most players were indifferent to having war split into 2, but they cared more about just the rewards(even after being doubled) to be very lackluster.

I earned better rewards from less effort in blitz than I did for those 2 split CRW combined. Having 8 regions fight over the same reward structure than 3-4 regions fight over is in no way rewarding.


two wars was awesome! shorter milestones x2 and prizes x2 plus cake rewards :cake:


you dont want to level up your characters between wars to get stronger and make the needed changes you noticed your roster lacked during the first war? im always leveling my characters so free rewards are always welcome


Makes milestones damn near impossible if you have a busy weekend.


2 wars. 5k 5⭐tokens each. For someone like me, that’s a good deal.


How are you gonna level up characters if they don’t give you any gear and spam you with level ups?


I don’t practice during war. I do so before the weekend starts so I already have twerked a majority of my weaknesses (faction dueling, raids, territories stacked with war defenses). I only really level during faction lvls anyway :smiley:


What? No…


Split them if you must, but why the gap!? Start them Friday US/ Saturday Aus time and end them early Sunday US/middle of the night Aussie time

I just can’t War when I’m working which is most of the second one. It’s so biased towards US players it’s just insulting


same rewards for 2 parts which is awesome…plus people can take a fresh deep breath in between instead of warring for almost 2 days lol


Why make this thread? Don’t even give them the idea we want that stupid format back. :man_facepalming:t4: :man_facepalming:t4:


The rewards were garbage. U really think watches and radios are good? I have over 30 of each now. We need GPS and Canteens which what the regular war gave. Plus it was only 40 hours of war, which is 14 hours less than the usual one. So u have to reach 100k with 14 less hours to do it.


Although I support Scopely trying alternative times to see if they can find a timetable that works for more RL regions, the second CRW was horrible as an Australian player. I lost most of it to sleep (12-6) and work (8-5) and didn’t get the second 50k :frowning: