Yay or nay on the update


Lets make this simple i will create a few polls here to help scopley improve on the new gear maps they are implementing- Please don’t merge into the other as it is probably the easiest way to see feedback

Gear Changes Information: Ultimate Gear Roadmap 2.0

Do you like the new ultimate Gear map over the old ultimate gear map?

  • Yes
  • No

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What do you like about it?

  • Low Level Gear Drops
  • Decreased Energy Costs
  • Appearing Daily
  • Random Loot Gear Bags
  • Drop Rates
  • Ability for all tiers of gear
  • Other (please specify)

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What dont you like about it ?

  • Low Level Gear Drops
  • Decreased Energy Costs
  • Appearing Daily
  • Random Loot Gear Bags
  • Drop Rates
  • Ability for all tiers of gear
  • Other (please specify)

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I will simply say this , there is to much rng in this game and by doing this to gear it is an absolute disgrace


My “other vote” in “what don’t you like about it” is that you can’t farm 1 stage for the exact gear you need. One item per day isn’t enough.


Aka “drop rates”. :wink:


I meant to put more flaks and beanies and walkies and bags weekly but forgot so imagine thats in the poll


Good: Daily, other gear types are at least included even if in low numbers, “low” energy cost.

Bad: Acts and stages must be completed sequentially, gear is not farmable.


Drop rates could mean a lot of things. The new map “drops” tons of crap I don’t need or can get elsewhere. I want it to drop what I need to level up my 5*. I don’t want an RNG bag drop of crap that’s not specific.


Yes sir!


Wait, this ultimate gear map will be available, and reset, daily?


Yes. Mon-Fri


If… If we still get the normal gear map rotations this is a great addition.

Thus gives us a clear opportunity to grab flak beanie bags walkies. If this becomes the only source, I’m not looking forward to being persona item locked.

What I really need are those flak and beanies for making 5s fodder, but the ascension medals and 4s availability are largely gating this avenue at the moment.


not a fan that i have to do rare gear map before elite and ultra, i don’t need any rare gear :s just a waste of energy


Hoping they open all stages instead of having to unlock them.


I voted other on the “What I like” part because it’s all walkers. Makes it easier to auto-farm with crit teams.


I do not think each stage should be progression locked, this should haveals be on the vote list i do ot or have ever needed a rare gear roadmap


Dont know what way to vote on this yet scopley being scopley in all but like wanderer said above if the other farmable road map’s still pops up nothing to worry about and this is a good thing, time will tell.

Like most things with this game theres nooooooooooooooo communication a two line message from CM telling us players
A) "hey guys these new daily gear maps this will replace old ones any feed back?"
B) “hey guys these new daily gear maps are not replacing the old system just more ways to get it for all player whats your thoughts?”


Voted bad for: only walkers??? Lack of challenge!!!
At least give me some challenge for the stuff


I do not want to have to complete the map prior to start on the walkie/bag roadmap section. Have all three maps open so we can pick and choose which to do


Im still missing the epic gear


makes us have to spend all our daily world energy on this, is super bad, i like having it to spend on random shit that shows up, not being forced to do same boring map every friggin day


Would be better if the title was more clear and concise…