Yay! Just Got the New Shiny Desert Eagle

Was able to farm for this pretty thing. My bronze tokens took a big hit and I still feel empty inside playing this game lol.

Anyone else get their Shiny Eagle yet? Probably used about 400ish bronze tokens.


I got it with only the first wave of raids!


Out of curiosity are you going to keep farming arrows for anything else in the black market? I think I’m going to go after all of the S-Class cards. After that I’ll see if I have the will to keep farming for the rest of the items in the market.

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very sad… more time in phone… attack attack… attack… zero life


Yeah, I’m running 2.1k masks right now.

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gotta wait till after onslaught and there are dropped defences

Leave him be aeris is my friend

I would like the gun and all the cards. I doubt I have the patience to grind that hard.


2 hour grind (1hr yesterday and 1hr today) got me enough mask to farm enough arrows for the weapon.


I don’t know how that’s possible. Not saying you are lying, but I’ve probably got 3 hours total into this event and I’ve barely got 7000

I got 8,520 arrows from my masks from the first wave of raids, 4,000 from an offer + SC and I got the gun easily.

Ssme. Still havent had a 200 drop :frowning

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It’s definitely possible. I can T2 standard pete teams


Ralphie bought stuff for this event, too.


tfw you figured out how to auto farm.

Kek I ain’t sharring figure it out.

Im got shiny eagle to


I like the Focus and Stun, but what about the other one: “Alert Buffs: At the start of each turn all other teammates get 10% DEF for 1 turn for each Alert teammate on the team” Is that going to be much help?

Yay! Congrats🥳

Alert buff is cool

I’m definitely going to try it out ‘as-is’ in duels to see what difference it’s might make. If I see that it doesn’t help, then I can always try for a new 4th slot. Can always reset to original which is nice👌🏼