Yay... Erika is the newest member of the Carl/Maribelle lead War Smh

It’s going to be fun fighting multiple leads of Carl, Maribelle, and Erika (not). This is ridiculous and you should have waited to release Alpha and Beta because now they’re shit compared to Erika. The power creep is back, and will make War even more stale then it is. Welcome to the team Erika. :angry:


yes useless oh no a rev 6>? TY>Erika

Lol you inequality statement claims:

6* is greater than Tyrese is greater than Erika


:smiley: we two tap that bitch turn one we would of been better off with 6 star sheild

Lol don’t worry. 6* shield is on its way.

I really think scopely should’ve made revive and human shield an active skill, may seem ridiculous now but think it through…

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obviously they need to release Alpha and Beta before Erika …
because if Erika was released before, no one going to buy Alpha and Beta

this is Scopely … you know it !!

and 6* shield shouldn’t never exist IMO …
we have already problema with 5* shield … imaginate when it is 6*

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Alpha and Beta were shit from the start

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Lol hahaha.

Interesting :thinking: :thinking: