Yawnslaught event log

Is there any way to incorporate an event log (not chat) for onslaught? It’s nice to know how many lives i have, but if I want to try new teams to see if defends work I’m at a loss. Is there any way to incorporate a war log type setup so we can see defends mayhaps?

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Way to take or feedback and change onslaught… nothing appealing in this game mode. And if your one of the lower factions in diamond four you get punished and miss out on any rewards when you would probably win any other league. Stupid.

Yeah miss out on like 5k in league trophies or less than 1/3 of the requirement for that GPS.

Yaunslaught is trash.

I don’t mind it aside from the money gouging aspects of it.

Though to enjoy it you need to think differently than ever other event.

The goal is to win using

  • no rushes
  • keeping them all alive
  • using default weapons.
    Building a team to do this is quite complicated which is intriguing to me. I can typically achieve 2/3 objectives.

Because of this i find the need for a log irrelevant. It’s more of a personal challenge game mode.

Unfortunately it’s bundled into a faction v faction event where in actuality a solo event would feel more fulfilling, if you took the buying energy aspects out.

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You get more points for not usIng ar? Default weapons? Are the gains that much higher than using 4* weapons and finishing quicker and getting more matches in? I mean sure if ppl are hitting like this it makes a lot useless but it’s the first Ive heard of basic wpns, no ar

Check the score screen. Click the symbols. It changes by league rank.

In diamond

  • New opponent 100 bonus
  • No weapon is 30 bonus
  • No rush is 30 bonus
  • 1st to atk opponent 100 bonus
  • Per toon alive 10 bonus

These are before multiplier.

Match is fixed length so finishing fast is irrelevant. Just need to finish by the game timer.

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The rewards are pretty bad overall for a two day event. Also it would be nice to see the mvps of each matchup get something extra to incentivize it. Hell I bet many would be happy with it giving a war energy refill or even a raid energy refill

I got three gold mods and a ton of sliver mods. It’s better than top rewards for raid tournaments

I got one silver and a bunch of bronze. No golds. Unlucky I guess.

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0 gold, 3 silver, 21 bronze. Watch out, OP now! :roll_eyes:

Think i got about 15or 16 bronze mods. Got pretty close to 300 gold tokens and enough beans to do the turkey maps, and try my luck at the other bronze mod i got.

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