Yanny or laurel?

Which do you hear?

  • Yanny
  • Laurel
  • Both

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??? Huh???

Inside joke?

Edit: YT link instead
And dont spoil it if ya know whats up :smiling_imp:

Linked it if ya havent heard it

Hm… Clearly laurel


I have to see this here as well

this is apparently totally unavoidable.

Is the dress blue or black???


Lemme smash boi

That computer sounding mofo totally said yanny

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But did it??? Did it really? Haha

Depends on your hearing spectrum, laurel is low, yanny is a high pitch

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It really did

Dont spoil it boi

What that mean?

Ask the people around you what they hear

K gimme couple mins

If you can hear high pitch sounds, you hear yanny, if you hear low pitch frequencies, you hear laurel. If you can hear both, you hear both

Asked 3 ppl they all said yanny

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Lol ima dm you

Yeh was gonna say what if you hear gibberish and not either one, clearly im hearing both frequncies

I’m hearing Laurel clear as day. Is there even another word???

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