Yang symbols? Compensation?

So I have 7000 Yang symbols. What’s going to happen to them when the event ending soon. Don’t do a Chihuahua heist on us.


i have 20740


I want to know too
they took out the collection in museum

They’ll combine both one day into museum collections with “exciting” rewards like Kal, Barker and choice boxes of 10 s class collectibles

all yangs leftover will be trash and useless

they had some gear collections up for a short time but took them down. what’s the point running them mid event, we need them now. bring these collections back and stop being so cheap about every little thing @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

That’s the thing they are not being cheap, they are trying to charge name brand prices, while putting out cheap Chinese knockoffs.

Too bad we can’t trade them for prayer beads. The ones in milestones aren’t enough

I’ve already missed 3 or 4 pulls this past rm since I wasmt able to complete the last 2 acts of the rm it’s how they designed it to where you would have to pay for beads and looks like I’m gonna miss another 3 pulls from this one before it resets again

I believe scopely run’s a kill shelter pound, all them little chihuahua got put to sleep.

If I were you, I wouldn’t complain about having too many of something. Compensation? You’re crazy.

The problem with yangs is just that they’re earned, largely, as a side-effect. You haven’t gone out of your way to earn them. You’ve picked them up almost accidentally whilst going about your daily raiding. If you’ve raided purely to get additional yangs over and above what you needed, knowing that it was wasted effort, then that was your call.

Well - that’s part of the problem. The main problem, obviously, is that they’re useless without yins - and it was obvious from the start that you’d never have enough of them.

Why woukd you start the roadmap without havijg enough beads to complete it before it reset? You need 444 beads (goddamn that is a lot of beads) to complete the whole thing and get maximum Yin

You needed to do all but 3 of the roadmaps over the course of the event to get enough.

At some point, you might as well just start doing them for “fun” because you’re not going to get Zhu anyhow.

I’ve around 12k and it’s ok

On a random note…
Yangs are futile without Yins, unless you become a monk like being and learn the ways of tranquil Zen (not Laopo yikes, she’s often violent, no compassion whatsoever)
and have no expectations, with your thoughts and actions, devoid of profits and losses. Only then there will be no worries and stresses. Our Yangs however useless maybe, will still bask in its nihilistic glory.

‘Being time’ itself where every thought is another cloud in the clear sky that is mind.

I think you should take the word compensation out of your title. Compensation doesnt apply to extra materials.

I was just doing it for the s class stuff the toon sucks

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