Y'all mfs really released this Raulito fella at the same time as Zhu

So, you can make Raulito OP as hell, but make Zhu one of the shittiest toons imaginable?


Zhu can be useful on territory defenses


Lol (7 char)

Whatever helps you sleep at night :joy:


Lol just lol :joy:


Well I figured with all the green and red s class toons … they probably thought they needed to add an s class red/green leader so you no longer have to bother with any 6 stars on a team

I am now 100% positive that scopely just trolls us, nothing is a mistake, it is all done on purpose and they are sitting there laughing right now which is why i am done with these forums, i will be back to see everyone still playing and spending on the 26th tho

Raulito is far more concerning and game breaking than Payback and bide. Just get Raulito to Phuck out the game!


Down with Raulito

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He’s not in the tower anymore

Camouflage maybe a counter to crosshairs?

I love dual tec 9’s make me feel more urban (For some reason ak, glock, and tec are weapons that rappers love to bring up)

This is a victory

He will come back with a 2000 maim damage to all enemies


He’s the RTS version of PD2 jimmy

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I knew something like this was going to happen as soon as f2p got access to shite class toons! Bc these blumpkin catching POS don’t give away toons like that without releasing something that is going screw the game up and piss off the players shortly after.


Yes because he will be new? Nope sorry you are wrong because he is already in the game and he is somewhat lacking.

Please check the tower of ascension

Yeah he’s been around for 2 or 3 months…

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: can’t believe I’ve never seen him before. Too funny

Boner farts.