Xp Tutor skill - bugged


I just used my xp tutor red Maggie, and apparently the tutor skill is not working.
I did 3 battles (wins) and I didn’t see any changes on the xp bar, and the other teammates were the same.
Maggie’s xp stayed 158 in all occasions.
Could you ask someone to investigate this pls? :blush:
@kalishane thank you :heart:


The tutor Skill just gives +30xp. Not Worth it :see_no_evil:


Her skill only works in wars. Smh. That’s why it isn’t working. Lol


P. S

No investigation needed. She only works in wars, and you wrote this an hr ago, so you wasn’t in a war; you completed raids.


Thanks, I didn’t test it in wars, so you might be right :slight_smile:
Although, it didn’t specifically say wars, so I was right to be surprised.



ops, they might have changed it? :smiley:


thanks for pointing it out tho :wink:


good luck using her in wars anyway, unless you’re fighting against the top 20-30 factions