XP Tournament idea

So here’s an idea for a new type of tourney that should be fairly easy to implement - an XP tourney. Quite simply gaining XP over a period of time but for milestones and rewards. This could be done as a faction or solo event. This would be done in the usual ways - World Maps, Road Maps and Survival Road - so would include different parts of the game. It would also make territories with XP gains worth fighting over and make toons with an XP bonus more valuable. There wouldn’t even need to be any new or additional content - you’d just need to count the points.

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A tournament to Farm? No, thanks.


That is pretty much what we do in a SR Tourney but this gives it a bit more variety and a chance to win something even if you just do your normal farming!

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We do, sometimes, when we are bored. Now imagine the Leader of the Faction saying “You Will have to do X amount of XP today”

People would dislike the game even further xD


One issue, those factions with xp bonuses would have a huge advantage over others. So if you do this then no do bonus for all, to make it fair

It’s the same way for level up tournaments. If you control the territory you control the bonus. Why get rid of the bonus?

Uh yeah waste world cans so we don’t have any to farm gear maps … great idea here

That’s an argument you can use for anything - SR Tourney - great, now I’ve got to use my SR Cans. Roadmaps - great, now I’ve got to use World Energy. Raid tourney - great, now I’ve got to use my raid cans. It makes no sense. The whole point of all of these cans is that you make decisions about when to use them and if you don’t have sufficient world cans then don’t use them! Go onto SR instead and pick up the XP points there.

That is part of the point. It would make owning those territories worthwhile so brings territories into play during that tourney.