Xp scavenger missions missing again


Since the last update (I got 2 within 3 days), both you got lucky and bricks and mortar have disappeared from my scavenger missions. This happened after the last update as well. And yes, I have completed all missions, and either complete or abort any available missions. Also, it seems that there is far too long between mission availability as well. Days go by with no missions available to complete at all. What gives?


Same thing happening to me havent seen ygl in a week smh


I miss the ygl since 15 days. Support says that this is normal… :angry::angry::angry:


My ygl just showed up yesterday at noon. Bricks and Mortar showed up today, but no ygl so far. But this was after complaining and explaining endless to support. So… idk…


It is one of those problems they fixed with a lot of communication like look, we done something good.
Back when it was broken it was the other way around, i guess it will be the same again.
Gotta admit that when Kalishane started the issue was addressed at least, took some time but they did something and it worked like it should work for a few weeks, after that it went to the same shit as before.

Not in the mood to make several threads about this issue again, been there and done that and it’s exhausting.
This will take months and a thread or 20 and that is very optimistic.


Mine has gone as well, the moment I completed generator X (gold mission) it went from being permanent to random, with it preferring to disappear rather than show up, I didn’t see it for a week,until earlier today and undoubtedly when it is complete it will vanish again.

It wasn’t hard to fix there is only one or two missions anyone cares about in scav ygl and maybe the token missions.
Just make it so that ygl lucky is permanently on display like the 5 day ar one seems to be, if you are past the 10th gold mission, stop punishing people for playing the goddamn game


Players. Scopely
We need gear. Changes\Remove ways to get gear
We need food. Remove ways to get it\wont add more
We have to much materials. Adds more materials

Could go on and on!


I completed all gold missions last week. I had you got lucky basically anytime after aborted missions prior to completing the gold missions.

Now i havent had the 100k mission come up for me in 6 days.

They said they fixed this issue and made you got lucky mission appear more often now after completing these gold missions.

Apperantely not. I am not happy about this at all. Being i was one of the top dozen people in level ups in our server.

I am 8 hours away from a crappy mission to come up so i can abort that junk too. And probably still wont be the 100k mission.

Ps… Our reigon Dale is dying. Do something about the dying reigons too. Before i quit playing this game.


They fixed it for the people who were unaware of the not doing gold missions exploit. Now we are all in the same boat. Maybe its there maybe its not. It’s all up to the rng.

Real solution that would be truly fair for everyone is that it’s always in the list and available for all of us during the endless level ups.


Most cases are unforgivable bugs or policy

But for the gold mission. Better don’t touch it. If will make all your other missions line up in ridiculously long cue. And the mission you really want might disappear for weeks.

Whenever there is new gold mission . Don’t do it nor skip it. Just let in gone till times up.
Or else you can’t even use coins to skip any mission for those are crappy for you. And sit there until the next wave of human evolution ends.


I have had it once in the last 9 days. Got tons of stupid wood missions that take hours to complete and when aborted clogs up the queue for days. Also whats up with cheers? That clogs up the queue for 25 days. We really need a scav mission overhaul. I see it one of two ways either show every mission in the queue so we can select ygl every 12 hours after it completes or remove all the waste of time wood missions. I would be willing to be 99% of the players just abort them anyway so why have them clog up the queue?

@kalishane Any chance you can bring up the idea of a scav camp overhaul to the team? Thank you.


Whatever solution they used a while back to fix XP Scav mission from popping is not working again!!!

How the hell are we supposed to T4 our 6* when XP Scav only pops up once for these crap Level ups!


Consider yourself lucky you had it one time. I had to hit 2 mil for that double holster without a 100k. It’s been 8 days since I last had one. It’s by design. They want to force people’s hands into buying one of them crappy deals. Thankfully I was able to do it without having to do so but I was seriously contemplating one or both of the march offers.

Now can’t wait for the 12 posts where people brag about how they got it like 5 times this weekend…GO! :wink: