XP Scavenger Camp Solution?

I’ve raised this on another thread, but thought I would repost in it’s own thread.

Is it possible @CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag @kalishane to have a new addition to our towns that is an XP training ground for our toons, so that we can send them away for a period of time that we can set & the longer they are in the camp the more xp the toon gains. Would solve the scavenger camp issue very easily as well as permanently.

We understand the legacy code for scavenger missions makes it very difficult for current devs to change how they work, but a new addition to our towns will make you a RTS messiah, we currently have space for 4 x Scavenger camps/material posts which are almost useless after just a few months play, adding an XP training camp in place of one of those makes perfect sense, to me.