Xp roadmap missing

Anyone else have an issue with xp rm missing?

Yep…no xp roadmap

Yep. Ultimate gear map also not up either although I forget what time it usually comes up so maybe it’s not supposed to be yet.

Gear map isnt normally up for another 2.5 hours but no xp map. Maybe they are launching the new maps today?

I sure hope they this gets fixed.

Hmm I also see it… Hope it’s up tommorow

New maps? Any proof?

Im talking about how the roadmap has 3 regions to it. Scopely said they are working on moving all the old maps like our dailies over onto the new system so they all will show up in the proper regions: story, daily and radio.

So they are not releasing new maps today they are just reorganizing the existing ones? Seems like something that doesn’t need to happen at all

Nowhere did they say they are doing it today. I just said maybe they are since xp wasnt up. But considering the radio maps just showed up and they are not in the new location I’m not putting much faith it my hypothesis anymore.
As far as not needing to happen, revamping roadmaps didn’t need to happen at all. Plenty of other features need work.

My radio maps have been there all morning. The map is looking sadly very bare though.

Looks like it’s up. :slight_smile:

Yes, I saw that. Thank you :slight_smile:

It must have been manually added since it disappeared. I wonder if we are going to have trouble with them all again tomorrow…

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Title says it all, just have the 2 radio maps right now.


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Same here. Thought we were supposed to also have the weekday gear map too.

need a map to the missing maps

So now it appears but with short timer, sheesh.

And no Tuesday map, are these now going to be 12 hour maps?

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